Cargo Hold Infiltration

A team of Secret Agents are investigating a case very personal to them. There were a lot of familiar faces in this dreamThe agents travelled all over the world, spending most of their time in New York, Dublin and Austria. They were chasing after the “bad guys” (terrorists). This dream is mainly set in airports.... Continue Reading →


In a small coastal town in the West of Ireland, a rebellious teenager named Shain convinces four of his friends to explore the cave on the cliff face. For centuries it was forbidden to enter the cave. Young and naive, the 4 teens decided to explore the mysterious cave on a whim. It would be a... Continue Reading →

Pick, Mix, More

So I just finished a six month internship (in real life) which probably influenced this dream. In the early evening I was leaving work for the last time. To celebrate a job well done I decided to treat myself to a Pic ‘n’ Mix. However nowadays the old-fashioned/traditional sweet stores are dying out. Wandering the... Continue Reading →

School Rules

The dream I had this morning felt like it could have been real. Like a childhood memory I was trying to erase. But in the end, it was just a dream. Thank god! It was a really complicated dream. It started with me as a teenager in secondary school. There was an assembly in the... Continue Reading →

Not a Paella

I was watching the Great British Bake Off last night which definitely influenced my dream. Me and two friends were working as apprentice chefs (if that’s even a thing) in a crazy big and busy kitchen. We were all stationed at different stations(kirchen) Each kitchen specialised in a different type of cuisine. The kitchen was... Continue Reading →


Izaac is the youngest son of a respected dragon handler family. Unlike his exceptional siblings Izaac didn’t inherit the natural talents in magic needed to become a dragon handler. Growing up Isaac could feel the pitiful gazes of those that silently judged him. Strangers often whispered ‘How disappointing’ or ‘poor child’. He held his head... Continue Reading →


So… This was a strange dream! A whole bunch of people appeared in this dream. Just to name a few, Tom Hanks, The Obama’s, Saoirse Ronan, Rihanna and real life versions of Disney Princesses. They were present for the most bizarre reason ever, Clay Sculptures! I can’t even remember how the dream started. I travelled... Continue Reading →

One Giant Step

Mana and her family were at home going about their everyday lives. Watching TV, cooking, doing chores...that sort of thing. Then they hear an eerie screech before a giant metal foot tears through the roof. Half the house had disappeared in an instant. Another few inches and Mana and her family would have been gone... Continue Reading →

Ellie: Chapter 5

Ellie: Chapter 5

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