When dreams merge

I can’t believe I forgot about this one!! An adorable dream where I was on a date with my childhood crush.

This morning I had a really seasonal dream! Wandering around my local shopping centre, the same old-fashioned Christmas decorations were on display; they hadn’t changed since I was a kid. Nothing overly dramatic happened in the dream; we walked around the shopping centre chatting, we ate, did some window shopping and played a few games in the arcade. All the twinkling lights and festive music made the atmosphere more romantic. We strolled down to the beach for some reason, a strange decision considering it was freezing in November!

Once again, transport was a theme in my dream. Nearing the end of the day, the buses were less frequent so we were waiting at the bus stop freezing cold. Then I suggested we use my Travel Pass to get a taxi. I wonder why? Considering travel passes couldn’t be used for taxis…

This is where the dream started to change…
Now I was part of a research team studying artificial intelligence, a top secret government project. To protect the project from being leaked, stolen or hacked the research team was kept small. Each team member was subjected to a thorough background check, half a dozen interviews and exams. After all, this research was of national  importance and could be revolutionary. 

The AI technology under development was stored in a portable device that resembled a charm necklace. To maximise the security of the technology, every night one team member would take charge of the device, bringing it home with them instead of risk leaving it in the lab. The night of the date was unfortunately the same night I was in charge of the device. 

You can imagine how conscious I am about having a national secret hanging around my neck. It was really hard to enjoy the date! As if that wasn’t stressful enough, all of a sudden I was able to communicate with the AI, telepathically. Outside of the confines of the lab and researchers homes, the AI was able to “observe” and “experience” natural human behaviour. For whatever reason it decides to adopt the voice and personality of a human female. Like a child on their first trip, the newly evolved AI is full of curiosity. “She” asks dozens of questions a minute and keeps distracting me during the date. 

Even though it was ridiculously annoying, the researcher inside me was amazed at the development and couldn’t wait to tell my team!

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