Technology is something humanity cannot live without. It has become an extension of our existence and something we encounter daily wether we like it or not. Humans thirst for knowledge drives the evolution of technology at a speed that is impossible to calculate. As the population grows, more and more natural landscape is swallowed by... Continue Reading →

Take Off

I wonder why I keep having dreams where I have loads of siblings? After all, in real life I only have one younger sister. Being part of a big family isn’t easy, especially when you are one of eight children. But what’s really crazy is the fact that I'm the only ordinary one while my... Continue Reading →

Appearance isn’t everything

Wandering the streets of London absentmindedly, I found myself lost in the Back Alleys. The place where unique, weird and wonderful outcasts live. A long time ago, the city was obsessed with appearances. The ruling minority believed London was the most beautiful city in the world. For that reason, anyone or anything that didn’t fit... Continue Reading →

Broken Seal

What’s the best way to alleviate boredom? Break an ancient seal and release some medieval ghosts. Colin and Maria stood outside the old country manor they would now call home. Their father had been offered a promotion too good to refuse. As children, Colin and Maria had no say in the matter. They had no... Continue Reading →

Summer Well Spent

Freya was forced to go on a family vacation. It was a family tradition, every 3 years the entire family meet at a holiday resort for the entire summer. Now 19 years old, Freya has grown bored of the repetitive holiday. All she wanted to do was spend time with chilling her girlfriends. Relaxing on... Continue Reading →


Izaac is the youngest son of a respected dragon handler family. Unlike his exceptional siblings Izaac didn’t inherit the natural talents in magic needed to become a dragon handler. Growing up Isaac could feel the pitiful gazes of those that silently judged him. Strangers often whispered ‘How disappointing’ or ‘poor child’. He held his head... Continue Reading →

Ellie: Chapter 5

Ellie: Chapter 5

Ellie: Up-and-coming Artist

After losing her mother Ellie is forced to live with her absent father and his reputable high class family, the Evertons.

Ellie: Chapter 1

After losing her mother Ellie is forced to live with her absent father and his reputable high class family, the Evertons.

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