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Do you enjoy reading the traditional way, holding a book in your hands, flicking from page to page? Well then, why don’t you buy the Dedicated Dreamer books?

Book 1

I have explored countless different worlds through my dreams; some magical, some tragic and some that are just too random. In these dreams I have been a witch, a demi-god, descended from dragons. I’ve travelled to outer-space, been transported to alternative dimensions and been trapped in virtual reality. Dedicated Dreamer is a collection of short stories inspired by my adventures in the dream world. 24 short stories – 82 pages (Price includes postage and packaging)

15.00 €

Book 2

Dreams are the only part of narcolespy I don’t hate. They free me from the shackles of real life; taking me to places that only exist within my subconscious. Dreams let me experience the impossible; I can be a magician, a secret agent, a superhero, an inventor and so much more. 27 short stories inspired by dreams – 80 pages (Price includes postage and packaging)

15.00 €