father’s farm

Chris’ biggest regret is losing the chance to show his father the man he had become;

Holiday of a lifetime!

Ever looked forward to a holiday so much only for it to turn into a disaster?

Take Off

I wonder why I keep having dreams where I have loads of siblings? After all, in real life I only have one younger sister. Being part of a big family isn’t easy, especially when you are one of eight children. But what’s really crazy is the fact that I'm the only ordinary one while my... Continue Reading →

Origami Ninja

Spring, with the cherry blossoms in full bloom brings the Ichiyo Sakura Festival. The noble Yoshida clan whose ancestry traces as far back as the Edo period, have remained one of the most powerful and wealthy families in Japan for over 100 years. The weekend of the Sakura Festival is a very special time of year. It... Continue Reading →

Open House

It was the day of the open house. Reality had started to kick in, soon my childhood home would belong to another family. At 10am the house was flooded with people. My parents were busy selling the appeal of the house to the house hunters. I ended up as the babysitter, looking after children who... Continue Reading →

Scrapyard Rally Race

In an old scrapyard on the outskirts of Capital city, 12 people have gathered to take part in the event of a lifetime. Simon was struggling to cope with the death of his younger brother Toby. At 21 years old, Toby was cheeky, boisterous and ridiculously easy to get along with. He was always surrounded... Continue Reading →

Ellie: Chapter 5

Ellie: Chapter 5

Ellie: Exhibit

When Ellie arrives at the estate she bumps into Clarke, Fredericks close friend. Clarke was unlike the other socialites Ellie had encountered so far. He was much more relaxed and open-minded.  He doesn’t seem to have much interest in following the customs of high-society. Surprised to see him, Ellie accidentally drops the paper bag she... Continue Reading →

Ellie: Up-and-coming Artist

After losing her mother Ellie is forced to live with her absent father and his reputable high class family, the Evertons.

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