Where did the magic go?

Wow!! Time flies! I can’t believe how much time has passed since I last posted anything. Finally reached the end of my 2020 dream journal. Look forward to new adventures from my 2021 dream journal.

Despite being the “most wonderful time of the year” this morning I woke up from a dark and psychological dream. I was so relieved to wake up to familiar surroundings, safe at home and no longer trapped in the terrifying dream world. Seriously! Why today of all days? Well, at least the dream will make a good story.

It started off with a secret, invite-only event at an old abandoned mansion. I expected it to be like an interactive mystery/magic exhibit. Among certain circles, the mansion was famous for being home to a handful of the 19th century’s most extraordinary “magicians”. Only die-hard mystery magic fanatics were invited to the mysterious event. Tickets couldn’t be bought, they had to be earned.

Even though I entered the mansion with a friend, we were soon separated into different tour groups. Even at this stage, the dream world had a spooky atmosphere about it; almost haunted. The event staff were dressed in exquisite period gowns, making the whole experience feel increasingly authentic. 

In exchange for their ticket, each guest receives a crest. The design of the crest determined which “tour” group they were assigned to. After all the guests were organised into their assigned groups, the tour guides lead each group in a different direction.  

In the dream, I was having palpitations and couldn’t breathe properly; a foreboding feeling that something wasn’t right with the mansion. 

Following the guide down a dimly lit corridor, the group slowly entered the very last room. Just stepping through the entry shivers ran down my spine, There was a sinister feeling about the room, as if it was possessed by a demon.
The rooms interior was unlike anything I’d ever seen before; it felt like a depressing flower shop. Flowers of all types were growing in the room, vines of ivy climbed the walls and ceiling, rose bushes in full bloom grew from beneath the floorboards. Even the furniture had been purposely decorated in winding vines and foliage. Though the room was almost completely void of light, the plants still lived. Something that would usually be impossible. 

The room was so dark, I could barely see the others in my group. Strangely, I could no longer hear them. Everything was unnaturally quiet; I felt alone when I should be surrounded by people. My heart pounding, I could feel something watching me. Suddenly! A scream, then another and another. Out of nowhere, thousands of insects and maggots; swarmed into the room. Freed from whatever had taken hold of me, I can see the others again, panicking and running out of the room. Instinctively I follow them, nothing good would come from remaining in that room. 

After escaping from the terrifying room, I realised my bag was missing. Alone and overwhelmed by the mass of people pushing and shoving past me, I couldn’t think straight and regrettably found myself back in the rose garden room. Adrenaline being the only thing keeping me standing; I quickly scan the room for any sign of my bag. Ignoring the spiders tangling in my hair and the bugs climbing up my legs.

I don’t remember how I got back to the lobby, with my bag safely over my shoulder. Everyone was still in shock, even the staff. Their expressions made it obvious that the swarm of insects was not part of the experience. Suddenly, I felt that familiar otherworldly gaze piercing through me. 

The dream changes to when the magicians still lived in the mansion, in the early 1800s. I think the period was inspired by a book I was reading called the Night Circus. I’m viewing this dream through one of the staff working in the mansion. I think the character I’m possessing is a maid or a chef, she is someone who interacts with the magicians often. 

One by one, the six seats at the dining table are occupied by those eagerly waiting for their breakfast. It was the same every morning, each magician is served eggs, just the way they like them; poached, scrambled, fried.. The three dashing young men and two beautiful young women have known each other since their earliest memories. Even though they were still in their mid-twenties, the magicians’ names are well known in every corner of the world. With so many years ahead of them it’s incredible that the five young magicians are already hailed as the greatest magic makers of their time. 

When they suddenly disappeared without a trace, their fame reached heights never seen before. Some believed their disappearance was their greatest magic trick; others believed they vanished from a spell gone wrong. Still, to the present day, hundreds of years later the disappearance of the miraculous five remains one of the world’s greatest mysteries.

The five young magicians earned their reputation and trust as they took magic to heights never seen before. They weren’t tricksters performing petty tricks and illusions; their magic was the real deal. Everything about them was a mystery. No one knew where they came from or how they were capable of wielding magic not seen for centuries. 

Still, they drew a crowd wherever they went, there wasn’t a soul on the continent that didn’t know who they were. Their presence was so overwhelming that it was impossible to pass them by on the street. No one ever tired of seeing them perform, being five of a kind, no one else in the world possessed talents like theirs. The five young magicians travelled the length and breadth of the world performing in congested cities and secluded country villages; they mesmerised thousands of audiences, always leaving them wanting more. 

After eight years of traveling and performing, the five magicians became adults and decided it was time for them to settle down and think about their future. They had saved a small fortune during their years of performing, enough to support them for the rest of their days. Nearing their thirties, the five magicians bought a house, where they planned to spend the rest of their days. They had seen the world and shared the joys of magic, now they wanted to relax and see what life had in store for them; the magicians’ travelling days were over. Once or twice a year would they accept requests to appear at events. Sometimes they performed spontaneously whenever they recalled their days of travelling. 

Each magician possessed their own unique ability. Psychic, illusionist, conjurer, misdirection and mystic arts. Most of the world was in awe of their exceptional and unexplainable talents. Of course, there were those that feared the magician’s unexplainable power. Rightly so; as the magicians were capable of much more than what they performed in front of others. 

Being such a close group of friends, it was almost inevitable that romance would blossom. Two of the magicians (man & woman) marry young and not long after they had a son. At five years old he was a quiet but observant child, already possessing an ability of his own. 

The boy was still a toddler when his ability awakened. More than once, he would suddenly disappear and reappear almost immediately. The ultimate magic trick! The power of invisibility. An ability even the five most powerful magicians had believed impossible for humans. With two gifted parents, there was no doubt the boy would be a magical genius, a prodigy. 

Nothing changed between the five friends, they were still inseparable, bonded like family. They had been together since they were children and rarely spent a day apart. They all doted on the child, sharing the responsibility of parenting. With his unique and unpredictable ability they each took turns keeping a very close eye on him. While it was a curious sight to see, spontaneously turning invisible could be dangerous for a toddler. 

As a teenager, the boy could fully control his ability. As he was growing up, his power was unpredictable and on more than one occasion, he would be missing for hours. To prevent the worst case scenario and help him master his invisibility, the boys parents reluctantly decided their son needed strict training. However, the intensity of the training proved too much for such a young child. For all their talent, his parents could only teach him using the methods they were subjected to as children. He had been a sensitive child but the aftereffects of the training warped something inside him, as a teenager a darkness was growing within him. 

Growing up, the young boy still full of innocence was captivated watching his parents and the other magicians perform. Seeing the crowds cheer and applaud; he couldn’t wait to follow in their footsteps, to be a showman no one would forget. He wondered what it felt like, to entrance an audience, travel the world and meet people from all walks of life.

However, when he finally had the chance to perform, all his expectations were betrayed. He finally understood why the magicians who raised him never revealed their full capability while they performed. Humans could only except so much wonder and magic. As long as a trick could be theoretically explained, they could enjoy the amazement the magicians performed. The ability to turn invisible in the blink of an eye was something that could not be explained. While it was the ultimate magic trick, revealing such an amazing ability without any theatrics only left the audience wide-eyed and pale-faced. There was no applause or gasps of shock and surprise; only silence. 

That experience scarred him. All he wanted was to be like his parents, aunt and uncle; to perform on stage with his family. Yet for some reason people looked at him not in awe but in shock. His parents tried to comfort him; explain how audiences enjoy the prospect of magic but don’t believe it truly exists. Audiences need to believe there is a trick or technique behind their act however it was hard to disguise or explain a person turning invisible right in front of their eyes. 

As the years passed the boy became a man and his anger grew with him. Even though his family loved him, he began to resent them and started spending more time invisible. Days would go by without the five magicians seeing him. For a while, he enjoyed pulling pranks and tricks on people but that quickly became boring. 

He continued to distance himself from his family. Being around them, he always felt inferior and jealous. Even though the five magicians loved him and wanted nothing more to support him; he became obsessed with gaining recognition from people who were strangers to him. 

Once he became an adult, he spent almost all his time invisible. He had grown too spiteful and left home without telling anyone. Even if they couldn’t see him, the five magicians could always feel the boy’s presence in their home. So even if he was invisible, the moment he left home they felt his presence disappear. The thought of never seeing or hearing from him again broke their hearts. They always hoped he would find his way out of the darkness but it had swallowed him. 

The mansion was definitely the home of magicians. During the years they lived in the house, they made some “renovations”. Adding trap doors, hidden passageways, secret rooms and much more. Many secrets were hidden within the mansion, not all of them magical. 

  • The invisible man is responsible for the strange occurrences during the event at the beginning of the dream. 
  • He arranged the whole event. He is searching for something in the mansion.
  • Fully succumbed to the darkness, he is fully psychotic now
  • After leaving home, he began committing horrid crimes which remained unsolved. 
  • His ability evolves and he is able to turn others and objects invisible; even making things disappear completely…. Like the five magicians.

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