What an amazing journey of a dream! All the characters present possessed special abilities and lived for hundreds of years. In the dream, my character was bored so she decided to go on a journey and reunite with all her old friends spread out around the world. All her friends were well-known for their longevity and special abilities. 

Being completely broke, my character couldn’t afford to travel around the world! So, she started calling places looking for sponsorship. It was the only way she would be able to fund the long journey. Amazingly, she secured sponsorship money and was able to purchase two basic boats to sail across the unpredictable seas.  

In exchange for funding the trip the sponsors want to make a documentary on the long-lived and revered heroes; compensation of sorts. To make the documentary entertaining, my character and her friends were asked to play mundane games, fulfill simple tasks and agree to an interview. Thankfully there was nothing too complicated or difficult; mostly just games. 

My character traveled all over the world in small boats to reunite with their old friends. She visited lively cities, ancient towns and untouched countryside villages. My character couldn’t recall the last time she traveled, it must have been quite a while since the places she once recognised had changed drastically. 

Sadly, several of my character’s old friends had passed away, which was a huge shock! The other reunions were emotional and heartwarming; they were so much fun, some of her old friends wanted to join her on the journey around the world. 

One particular place they visited was a mysterious ancient island. An island normally closed off from the rest of the world. Any ship or vessel that approached the island without permission either sank or disappeared.

For centuries, the island has been home to two highly devoted yet opposing forces; the Shadow Clan and the Light Clan. The island was unlike any other human habitat in the world; it looked like a mountain peak sliced in two cleanly through the centre. To avoid any needless conflict, each clan resided on one side of the island. 

My character is confused and worried. She was beginning to realise she might have isolated herself from the world for far too long. The last time she visited, the island was in one piece and the clans weren’t so hostile with each other. As the boats near the island, my character announces the media team will have to remain on the boats as the islanders do not welcome outsiders and all modern technology is banned in both cultures. Now she was questioning if she would even be allowed to enter. 

Having a friend in both clans, my character wonders how the two clans came to be such bitter enemies. What had happened between them to cause such a divide? Approaching the island, the fog began to clear. Whatever happened; she would find out soon.

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