Pokemon Camp, kinda

Ever since the first lockdown, it’s been really hard to remember what happened in my dreams. This dream is one example, I can only remember bits and pieces. A few dreams might have all meshed together. 

This dream really felt like being in the  Pokemon world. A bunch of kids attends a summer school to improve their skills as trainers. Only, the students are all well-off, from rival households and hesitantly hostile with each other. Some students are trying to prove which household is superior and make a competition out of every simple thing. 

However, spending so much time battling each other they come to respect one another. They weren’t close enough to be called friends, although they couldn’t be called enemies either. At fourteen years old, they were experiencing that awkward period where relationships between boys and girls become hazy and hard to define. One boy and girl; Todd and Anna form a friendly rivalry as their skills seem to be equally matched. 

On the final day of the camp, the kids must take part in a dueling tournament, an exhibition match of sorts to show off to their family and friends before returning home. While it was supposed to be a fun send-off; for some the dueling tournament was a nerve-wrecking experience. Representatives from esteemed households would be observing the matches, scrutinizing the campers’ performance. Todd’s elder sister and Anna’s older brother were sent to represent their households. They both had high expectations for their younger siblings. 

Unlike in Pokemon, where the trainer summons the Pokemon to battle and shouts orders; in the dream, the trainers battle alongside their bonded creatures. For example, Anna summons a rare ivory dragon and rides on the creature’s back during the duel. 

Even under the sharp observation of their older siblings, the rivals Todd and Anna decided to give the match everything they got. After all, it’s the last time they will see each other as kids. The next time they meet, Anna and Todd will no longer be children, they will act on behalf of their family and household. 

The End

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