father’s farm

Chris’ biggest regret is losing the chance to show his father the man he had become;

Holiday of a lifetime!

Ever looked forward to a holiday so much only for it to turn into a disaster?


Technology is something humanity cannot live without. It has become an extension of our existence and something we encounter daily wether we like it or not. Humans thirst for knowledge drives the evolution of technology at a speed that is impossible to calculate. As the population grows, more and more natural landscape is swallowed by... Continue Reading →

Take Off

I wonder why I keep having dreams where I have loads of siblings? After all, in real life I only have one younger sister. Being part of a big family isn’t easy, especially when you are one of eight children. But what’s really crazy is the fact that I'm the only ordinary one while my... Continue Reading →

Origami Ninja: End

With the festival well under way, Aiko entertains her VIP guests in the mansion. Guests who were invited for the sole reason of keeping up appearances. The whole process was like deciding who gets to attend a child’s birthday party. Aiko and her children indulged the politicians, socialites and business partners in meaningless small talk... Continue Reading →

Origami Ninja

Spring, with the cherry blossoms in full bloom brings the Ichiyo Sakura Festival. The noble Yoshida clan whose ancestry traces as far back as the Edo period, have remained one of the most powerful and wealthy families in Japan for over 100 years. The weekend of the Sakura Festival is a very special time of year. It... Continue Reading →


How did things end up like this? Never in a million years would I have expected to find myself in this situation. I always believed summer school was for those carefree students; the type that thought they were "too cool for school". Always failing and skipping classes. So why am I here? I've always been... Continue Reading →


Hundreds of thousands people visit Spellbound every year. However, very few of them experience the real magic of Spellbound.

Kids Chasing Cars

While out on a family drive, a strange boy magically appeared in the car. He travelled through the sealed rear-window and sat down between my sister and I. He introduced himself as Max. Max took out a hand-held device very similar to a smartphone and challenged us to a game. More specifically, a 3 question... Continue Reading →

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