Hundreds of thousands people visit Spellbound every year. However, very few of them experience the real magic of Spellbound.

Appearance isn’t everything

Wandering the streets of London absentmindedly, I found myself lost in the Back Alleys. The place where unique, weird and wonderful outcasts live. A long time ago, the city was obsessed with appearances. The ruling minority believed London was the most beautiful city in the world. For that reason, anyone or anything that didn’t fit... Continue Reading →

Broken Seal

What’s the best way to alleviate boredom? Break an ancient seal and release some medieval ghosts. Colin and Maria stood outside the old country manor they would now call home. Their father had been offered a promotion too good to refuse. As children, Colin and Maria had no say in the matter. They had no... Continue Reading →


Izaac is the youngest son of a respected dragon handler family. Unlike his exceptional siblings Izaac didn’t inherit the natural talents in magic needed to become a dragon handler. Growing up Isaac could feel the pitiful gazes of those that silently judged him. Strangers often whispered ‘How disappointing’ or ‘poor child’. He held his head... Continue Reading →

God’s Clan

A young girl named Eida is a member of a clan descendants of gods. This was no happy family, more like a society built on social hierarchy with the most powerful and influential clan members setting the rules. However, it wasn’t depressingly strict or anything. Eida was no one special, almost completely normal. Most clansmen inherited... Continue Reading →


Axel is transported from his ill-fated world of calamity, death and the fight for survival. Axel wakes up in an alternate reality which he initially thinks is a dream. This world resembles a futuristic Las Vegas, full of skyscrapers, neon billboards and signs illuminate the streets at every turn. It was so unbelievably different from... Continue Reading →

Azura: Epilogue

What happened next...


When Azura was still a child she lived happily with her mother Kaya and her clan. They lived in a beautiful temple in a lush green forest. The temple signified the connection her family had with dragons. Dragons were not fierce, scaly giants like they are often depicted in fairy tales. They were wise, loving... Continue Reading →


Ezra is very unique, being the only human known to have survived the blood virus transformation. Some believe he, or his blood could be the key to curing the virus.  The cruel reality is, Ezra is not cured or immune to the virus...

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