Travelling TV Channel

My first dream of 2021, was once again a crazy one! When my alarm went off at 7AM, I thought I would have a small rest before getting up. The next thing I know, it’s 10am. What the hell! So yeah, I was stuck in a crazy dream for 3 hours. I was trapped for so long, I woke up with a sore back and couldn’t get up because of sleep paralysis.

So the dream started off with a travelling talk show of sorts. You know how some talk shows tour the country, right? Well, in this dream it was more like a festival.

Anyway, the travelling talk show was hiring dozens of different acts and talents such as game show hosts, comedians and loads more. Similar to a tv channel or network, the troupe consisted of talk shows, game shows, panel shows and so on. With no one in charge of organising the different groups and shows, a lot of things went wrong while travelling from place to place. There was no research being done and none of the production (behind the scenes) team knew what they were doing. 

Another way of to describe it would be as a portable, pop-up TV station. There was no way to predict what was going to happen on this channel. There were no tv listings or re-runs. There were only a handful of shows which were properly scheduled. The whole thing was like a travelling circus. Whenever the show settled down (temporarily) dozens of trucks were unloaded and stages erected. It reminds me of a music festival; stages spread out in a wide open space; dozens of tv shows broadcasting at the same time.

One disastrous example; a British quiz show host was hired, however, the “ringmaster” thought she was a talk show host. When the British crew arrived, they were expected to put on a completely different show from their own, with absolutely no time to adjust. The British team were like “we are a QUIZ SHOW, not  a chat show!!!” The ringmaster replied “Well, you’re a chat show now!” 

This wasn’t a one-off occurrence; there were many other shows facing the same predicament. Dozens of teams were recruited to take part in the travelling tv show. None of them ran smoothly and were asked to do things completely out of their comfort zone. Understandably, almost all the hired shows were pissed off; they refused to be pushed around by a bunch of fools who have no idea what they are doing. 

Trapped by a contract, the hired hosts and their teams couldn’t just walk away from the upstart channel. Instead, they banded together and retaliated against the channel. They started boycotting their own shows and sabotaging the channel; like turning the power off, rearranging the “schedule” or messing with the autocue. Basically, they just did whatever they pleased, as long as they didn’t breach the contract. To rebel against the so-called organisers, they completely ignored whatever the ringmaster suggested, hosting their shows how they wanted. Ideally, the viewer rating would be so bad that the whole channel would have to shut down; Then they could finally return home. 

So, the guest groups just did whatever they pleased while on air. There was no schedule or plan; for each broadcast, the presenter spent all their time messing and goofing around. While the production company was extremely irritated, it seemed the audience really enjoyed the organic and unpredictable antics the presenters were pulling. 

The dream gets kind of fuzzy from this point, I think the rebel presenters pretty much take control of the travelling channel production; continuing to do whatever they wanted, producing their shows their way. From here the dream just got crazy!!

On a later occasion, after settling in another remote area, the crew were ambushed by a local circus troupe while setting up the stages and equipment. The circus troupe felt threatened by the arrival of the channel convoy and considered them to be “trespassing” into their domain.

Though they were still hostile with each other, the two groups agreed to a truce of sorts. After all, the channel was a travelling show and would move to another area sooner or later. In the end, some of the troupe performers were featured as guests on some of the channel’s variety shows. 

The performers were shown placing deadly large snakes in the obstacle course jungle gym. The snakes resembled the hanging vines that had been set up for an authentic jungle feel. If one of the contestants mistakes a snake for a vine, who knows what could happen!

Then, as if the dream wasn’t crazy enough; a real black panther wanders onto the temporary production site. It runs wild through the lanes of tents and vans, completely wrecking some of the sets and tents. Since black panthers weren’t local to the area, the crew discovered the black panther’s cub had accidentally been packed with the equipment when they left the previous location. So, the team was like; OH SHIT!!! The Panther pretty much fizzles out of the dream after it is reunited with its cub. 

After a few years on the road, the travelling channel became quite famous nationwide. With so much more attention and sponsorship, the channel began travelling further, even abroad. Something they would have never believed possible in the beginning. With circus performers, tv personalities, popular variety shows and the entire production team; the channel had grown exponentially and the number of transport trucks tripled in number. It became increasingly difficult for the travelling channel to find sites big enough to accommodate them. 

The whole channel operated outside of traditions; the more popular the channel got, the crazier and more daring some of their antics became. To increase the channel’s ratings, the management team would take bold chances such as promising celebrity guest appearances without even contacting the celebrity beforehand. High of the sudden explosive success, some of the leading producers and directors were getting ahead of themselves. On the other hand, some of the performers and founding members were worried about the daring and dangerous decisions being made. Miraculously, the producers were able to make all their crazy announcements come true. Any celebrity guest announced, somehow appeared on the shows. 

To keep the acts and performances fresh, a group of rebellious amateur acts were hired. However, they had no plans to get along with the veteran professional performers. They went around the sites acting like they owned the place, saying and doing whatever they pleased. They were immature, childish and became giddy over the silliest of things.
The hardworking and dedicated veterans were unimpressed with the attitude of the newbies. However, they couldn’t complain about their work; the newbies succeeded in every task they were assigned. From engaging live audiences and reaching out to up-and-coming celebrities. 

Running such a large-scale travelling channel was by no means cheap. The channel relied heavily on sponsorship to fund the dozens of shows and the hundreds of staff. Funding was a huge problem in the early days; there weren’t many companies willing to sponsor them since the channel was still small and their unpredictable shows and performances weren’t a smart investment. They all assumed the channel would disappear eventually. How wrong they were! Nowadays, companies and famous brands are lining up to have their name associated with the ever-growing tv channel. 

With funding no longer a problem, the channel management began focusing on building a proper brand for the unorthodox travelling tv channel. The TV lineup and acts were like no other; from circus acts, performers, panel shows, witty quiz shows and so much more. Unlike traditional studio-bound TV Channels, everything about the travelling TV channel was outrageous and exciting! The channel’s brand would have to express all these characteristics. 

The acts were never perfect, which was part of the channel’s charm. All the performers, presenters and other acts took chances and made mistakes on screen. There were rarely dress rehearsals; everything the audience saw was real, fun and mostly enjoyable.

This doesn’t even cover a tenth of what happened in this dream, most of it is too crazy and complicated to explain in words. As usual, the dream doesn’t come to a satisfying conclusion before I’m transported into another dream world. 

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