Stolen Shorts

Ok, this was a strange dream. Why did I have such an annoying dream? I wonder if it had something to do with having a cold? 

My housing estate was really clear in this dream. Just like in reality, it is almost Christmas time in the dream too. Covid-19 also exists in this dream world, I can’t even escape a pandemic in my dreams! After all, everyone is wearing face masks indoors. 

Anyway, in this dream I was planning to meet up with my best friend Iris so we could exchange Christmas presents. After arriving at Iris’ house, I’m told she is still getting ready. As I have known her for years I can tell she won’t be ready any time soon so I decided to head home for a little while. Since I forgot my key, I left Iris’ present at the front door while I unhinged the side gate and entered the house through the back door. I went straight to unlock the front door but when I opened it, the present had disappeared; someone had stolen it. 

I was so upset and annoyed! I put so much effort into preparing the present for Iris and now someone had stolen it. So much for the Christmas spirit! Determined to get the present back, I quickly scan the front garden and driveway for clues. Just outside the garden, I found the gift basket on the footpath but several of the gifts were missing. 

Don’t ask me why but one of the gifts I prepared was a very distinct and colourful pair of sports shorts with a unique logo printed on them. It was also one of the gifts that were missing. “We” (dream companion) drove around the housing estate, keeping an eye out for anyone wearing or carrying the stolen shorts. Found her! She was among a crowd gathered on a green, getting ready to take part in a sport of some kind. 

Before the event started, we confronted her and her overprotective (defensive) mother. I was in no mood to be nice or polite; so I straight up asked for them to return what she stole immediately. The little pre-teen girl was a spoiled brat who believed she could get away with anything and have whatever she wanted. She wanted the shorts so she took them. 

Unsurprisingly, this wasn’t the first time she had stolen from others. The reason she believed she could take whatever she wanted was her mother’s fault. She never taught her daughter morals and always covered up her crimes; It was the same this time. However, now that we publicly confronted them, she could no longer feign ignorance and keep defending her daughter. Especially in front of such a large crowd. 

Even though I managed to get all the stolen presents back, they were all unwrapped and after everything, it didn’t feel right to give them to my best friend for Christmas. Plus, I was still in a bad mood.

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