I should have written about this dream as soon as I woke up; it was much clearer then. Sadly, I can’t remember much now. 

A woman wrongly imprisoned, as many young adults had been over the past few years. Young adults, orphans released from the custody of the state are left to fend for themselves in the cruel world. Since orphans didn’t receive proper education or learn social skills as children, they are ill-prepared to live in the real world. Very few of the teenage orphans have a happy ending. They either end up homeless, as criminals or survive by joining a gang. There are those lucky few who manage to find the right path to walk on; even if they only manage to find a low-skill job or receive minimum wage. Even orphans with good skill sets or higher intelligence fail to find decent employment since they have no education, qualifications, or family background. 

Life had been cruel to these youngsters since they were born. After being abandoned by their birth parents, neglected as children in the orphanage; they have to fend for themselves in a society that only views them as nuisances. They suffer prejudice simply because they weren’t cared for or educated while under the care of the state. 

So, whenever petty crimes were committed, instead of conducting a proper education or searching for the perpetrator, the police would place the blame on the teenage orphans; they were easy targets and no one would miss them if they suddenly disappeared. They had no family to look for them or any credible paperwork to or history. Barely scraping by and managing to support themselves, there was no way any orphan would be able to afford a decent lawyer to defend them. Once again, the depressing reality that they were alone and helpless was thrown in their face. Even though they were innocent, the young adult was wrongly convicted and charged for a crime they did not commit or even had any knowledge of. While they were being accused and convicted, the real criminal was still free. 

It wasn’t fair and it was time things changed. After reaching breaking point and with nothing to lose, a group of wrongly imprisoned orphans decide to escape from their confinement and live the life they deserve. 

Among them, one woman was more eager to escape than the others. Pregnant when she was incarcerated, she didn’t have any other choice other than to conceive her daughter in a desolate jail cell. Now, her daughter was three years old, a prisoner from birth. Prison was no place for a child and the woman was determined her daughter would have the happy childhood she herself was deprived of. She and her daughter deserved a happy, normal life. 

When a rare opportunity presents itself, a small group of orphans miraculously escape from prison. That was just the beginning. After they hijacked a car, they were officially fugitives on the run. However, that thought doesn’t even cross any of their minds. All they can think about is reaching the national border. The neighbouring countries were much more liberal and open-minded; they judged an individual on their abilities and character rather than their background or upbringing. 

After crossing the county line, the free orphans go their separate ways. It was too dangerous to stay together.

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