Bridal Wars

Why I had this dream is a mystery considering I have no thoughts of getting married any time soon. Wherever this dream was set, it was extremely fancy! It could have been a hotel or resort of some kind. The whole place exudes elegance; everyone in the dream is dressed unnecessarily formal. Some sort of social event or formal event must be taking place. From what I can gather, it has something to do with an arranged marriage between affluent families. 

To determine which lady is most worthy to marry the bachelor, the ladies are given tasks to complete, this was an opportunity to show off their education, skills and talents. Each lady’s abilities and behavior would be judged to determine who is most suitable as a marriage partner. The ladies wore themselves out, all to earn points with a man they had never seen before. 

In the dream, the “candidates” openly sabotage each other to eliminate the competition. For some odd reason, the dream reminded me of bridal-themed laser tag! I had to hide, avoid enemies, attack and defend the home base. How is that not like laser tag? One scene in the dream resembled the aisles of a grocery store, only the aisles seemed to never end. I carefully peeked around the aisles to find the “target” (the bachelor) while avoiding the other candidates. 

The first task was to locate and purchase items on a shopping list and cook a substantial and well-balanced meal. That would explain the grocery store! However, there was a catch. In the store, there were a limited number of each item on the shopping list. Watching the other candidates fight over the prospect of marriage brought me back to my senses. I got fed up with all the tasks and running around and dropped out of the game. I would rather keep my dignity as a woman. Annoyingly, my family was furious that I made such a decision on my own. Thankfully, nothing like my family in real life.

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