Kids Chasing Cars

While out on a family drive, a strange boy magically appeared in the car. He travelled through the sealed rear-window and sat down between my sister and I. He introduced himself as Max. Max took out a hand-held device very similar to a smartphone and challenged us to a game. More specifically, a 3 question... Continue Reading →

Ice-Cream Brigade

11pm, time for bed. After saying goodnight to my parents and younger sister I was ready to curl up under the duvet. On the verge of sleep I was woken up by a load familiar jingle. The ringing tune, as if announcing it's arrival, made it impossible to fall asleep. I leapt from my bed,... Continue Reading →

Cargo Hold Infiltration

A team of Secret Agents are investigating a case very personal to them. There were a lot of familiar faces in this dreamThe agents travelled all over the world, spending most of their time in New York, Dublin and Austria. They were chasing after the “bad guys” (terrorists). This dream is mainly set in airports.... Continue Reading →

Another Dream Compilation

All For A Cup Of Coffee A small army brigade cross into uncharted lands to find the mythical Treehouse Cafe. The troops stay close together, shoulder to shoulder, to avoid being spirited away in the thick blinding fog. However, they aren’t the only ones searching for the legendary cafe. The cafe is rumoured to serve... Continue Reading →

Pick, Mix, More

So I just finished a six month internship (in real life) which probably influenced this dream. In the early evening I was leaving work for the last time. To celebrate a job well done I decided to treat myself to a Pic ‘n’ Mix. However nowadays the old-fashioned/traditional sweet stores are dying out. Wandering the... Continue Reading →

Not a Paella

I was watching the Great British Bake Off last night which definitely influenced my dream. Me and two friends were working as apprentice chefs (if that’s even a thing) in a crazy big and busy kitchen. We were all stationed at different stations(kirchen) Each kitchen specialised in a different type of cuisine. The kitchen was... Continue Reading →


So… This was a strange dream! A whole bunch of people appeared in this dream. Just to name a few, Tom Hanks, The Obama’s, Saoirse Ronan, Rihanna and real life versions of Disney Princesses. They were present for the most bizarre reason ever, Clay Sculptures! I can’t even remember how the dream started. I travelled... Continue Reading →

Cheer Island

Well this was different.  So basically, there were 4 cheer squads on a boat, heading to a island retreat. They each had their own mascot (a real living creature). There was a dog, a fish and for some bizarre reason, a goat. I can’t remember the 4th. The captains of the cheer squads were frenemies.... Continue Reading →

There is a repetitive theme in my dreams. Once again, I’m the commoner surrounded by spoilt rich kids who all think they are better than me because they are pedigrees. So, to prove myself, I decide to make flapjacks using my personal recipe (which I’m not giving away). I was supposed to be working in... Continue Reading →

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