Cruise Control

So nostalgic! This was one of the first dreams I wrote about in my dream journal.

The dream started on a cruise ship with three young girls and the commander; an older man who bared a striking resemblance to a shady Captain Bird’s Eye. The three girls (me being one of them) were undergoing training to become full-fledged employees on the cruise ship.

In the dream, I woke up and couldn’t find anyone in the crew’s quarters; it was as if they had all disappeared. There was something strange happening, the ship’s power seemed to be malfunctioning. After walking around for a while I was relieved to find my friends and fellow trainees, Angie and Hanna. In an attempt to fix the power, the commander instructs us to investigate the lowest decks of the ship, an area that was currently underwater. However, some of the ship’s older control systems are located on the lower decks. 

After suiting ourselves up in diving gear, the three of us head down to investigate the lower decks. While I look around inside, Angie inspects the exterior of the ship (underwater) and Hanna monitors the situation from the upper deck. Since we didn’t find anything out of the ordinary on the lower decks; Angie and I return to the surface and reunite with Hanna.

While the guests enjoyed the cruise experience on the upper decks, there were areas of the ship which resembled eerily dark warehouses, similar to a deserted underground car part. Suddenly, an ominous creaking echoed, instantly grabbing our attention. Gate 66 which was off-limits was now open. The 20ft steel doors opened slightly and a familiar figure emerged from the shadow, the commander. Confused and slightly scared, we asked what’s going on, where did all the crew go? After a brief intimidating silence, the commander grinned and told us “The situation is under control” before walking away.

Wandering the lower decks, Angie, Hanna and I run into a handful of other crew members. They were acting differently, the air around them felt similar to the Commander. After a while, we discover the ship is no longer on course. In fact, it is drifting in the middle of the ocean. So, the Commander and his crew turn out to be pirates who infiltrated the cruise ship staff in order to hide and smuggle 50 huge cannons right through the centre of the ship. The cannons are hiding in a gap between Deck 66 and 67.

The Commander and the pirates forced the rest of the crew into a small hatch connected to a hollow space under Deck 66. They didn’t want anyone interfering with their plans.

Done with being scared, we decided to fight back against the pirate crew. We were all like, ‘No way in hell!’ With numbers on our side, we miraculously ended up locking the pirates in a shipping container. However, the Commander and two other pirates were still in control of the bridge. While wondering what to do next, the ship continued heading off course.


In a miraculous turn of events, we managed to dock (badly) the ship in the closest port town. With only two dozen crew members remaining, we needed to come up with a plan to feed the 2,000 passengers on board. So, we split into several teams to…well… steal a load of food from the local supermarkets in the port. In our group, Angie uses her ridiculously good looks as a distraction by flirting with a store manager. Basically has a Daphne from scooby doo vibe

The rest of us race around the store, throwing food, drinks and other essentials into trolleys. We ran out of the store saying we would be back for more and would pay then. *Yeah right! We never went back.* The other teams pulled similar stunts in other stores around the resort town.

While we managed to get back on the cruise ship, we hadn’t escaped yet. After all, a cruise ship isn’t a speed boat, it’s not made for quick getaways so we got caught by the island resort owner Rodrigo.

Thankfully Rodrigo was a pretty chill dude; he was a 39-years-old savvy businessman. We explain the crazy situation as best we can. Saying how our Commander was a pirate trying to sell cannons to… who knows who. How this was the first port we came across and how we desperately needed food to feed the passengers but had no money.

Oh! I forgot to mention the passengers are still completely clueless. We didn’t want or need any further chaos on board so we tried to maintain the cruise experience as much as possible.

Rodrigo suggests we sell the cannons to him as he was a fan of “antiques”. Then all would be forgiven, the stolen goods, docking fee and his silence. With no other option, we made a deal!

Don’t worry! We removed all the weapon components, the cannons are nothing more than antique decorations. Along with the cannons, we hand over the Commander and pirates to Rodrigo too.

And so, we sail off into the sunset heading God knows where!

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