Introducing Me

Hi! My name is Alex and I’m a dedicated dreamer.

I was only fourteen years old when I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy. Back then my entire life was turned upside down. Living with Narcolepsy, I can no longer be fully independent; there are many things beyond my reach now. I can longer stay out late, learn to drive or be a competitive swimmer. Vivid dreams are the only symptom of narcolepsy that I don’t hate so I decided to make the most of it!

From a dream…

Dreams are wonderful! They present endless possibilities and adventures. Each of my dreams are unique and give me the chance to experience things I never thought possible. I have been a descendant of dragons, a witch in medieval times, travelled to alternate dimensions and much, much more.

These experiences mean a lot to me so to preserve them I decided to keep a dream journal. Now I have created Dedicated Dreamer to share these stories with all of you!

I hope you like them.