Apocalypse again!

Yes, another “after the world ends” kind of dream! However this one wasn’t as depressing or dark as previous apocalyptic dreams. This time, the dreamworld was made up of labyrinths and floating islands. The islands, as large as cities resembled oil-rigs crossed with a fantasy or sci-fi labyrinth city. I was so dizzy when I woke up from this dream I was walking like a drunk person. 

The floating cities travel the globe, over land and sea. Only a handful of these unique structures exist in the world. No one really knows where they came from or when they came into existence. Afterall, the apocalypse wiped out almost all living creatures on Earth; and took all of humanity’s archives and history with it. All of humanity’s engineering and technological creations had been destroyed; only the floating islands survived. 

One hundred years after the apocalypse, very little is known about the mechanics and purpose of the floating islands. Groups known as Dream Teams challenge the labyrinths to enter the centre of the mechanical city. The members of Dream Teams are young people; raised on the edge of the floating island, on the outskirts of the labyrinth cities. They grew up wondering what was beyond the labyrinth and wished to uncover the secrets of the floating cities. After a century, it was still a complete mystery how the islands were powered. How did they manage to continue travelling through the sky? 

The labyrinth is a complex maze constructed over countless storeys. Within the labyrinth there are also obstacles that need to be cleared to open a path. Some of the obstacles include roller coasters, race courses, carnival games and crazy slides. All of which were still perfectly functional despite their age.

Dream Team Challenges become something like a competition or sport. Whenever islands are close to each other, the Dream Teams compete against one another by challenging the other islands labyrinth. Hope that makes sense!

Like all my dreams, there are dark forces lingering in the shadows. Trying to sabotage the challenges by tampering with the mechanics of the labyrinth or interfering with the visiting Dream Team. While a Dream Team Challenge is taking place, another floating city is on a collision course heading for the mainland. In a state of emergency the two Dream Teams postpone their competition and work together to take on the labyrinth of the rogue floating island. 

The End

Other details

  1. One of the labyrinths is powered by a strange fairy energy. The fairy energy was inherited and passed down through an ancient secret clan. The fairy energy is a double-edged sword for those that inherit the power. While the fairy energy grants strength and can heal wounds; if used too much or abused the fairy energy will begin to damage the host body by dulling their mind and senses.
  2. To qualify as a member of a Dream Team requires a lot of dedication and training. To take on and survive in a labyrinth, the team members train rigorously to build strength, speed and cognitive senses. Some members are gifted with unique abilities or unnatural powers. 


Once again I overslept because I was trapped within the dream. That’s probably part of the reason I woke up so dizzy. Even though I turned my alarm off at 7am, I didn’t return to reality until 9:40am. Whenever this happens, it always affects the rest of my day. Throughout the day, I kept having dizzy spells and felt loopy every now and again. Whenever I sat down to relax, scenes from the dream would reappear in my mind, like the dream was playing again after being on pause for so long. 

While the dream itself was fine, being trapped within my own mind is never a fun experience. I always end up losing so much of my day and barely get anything done. 

This dream reminded me of a few things; first the Nintendo game, Sonic The Hedgehog. If you think about it, the game world of Sonic is basically one giant labyrinth. It is packed with obstacles, paths, enemies and so on. There is also a lot of jumping, spinning, dodging and running. Secondly the dream reminded me of some anime series I watched in the past;  Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet and Children of the Whales but mostly Gargantia. 

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