7th October 2020

Dream 1

The dream started in my Nana’s small bungalow in the south of Ireland. Within the last few years the town became a popular area for student lodging and young people entering the workforce. A lot more amenities are available in the once quiet town. 

For some reason the Phoenix Park is close by (A real park in Dublin). Loads of wild animals are roaming freely in the park. Wild lions and tigers move slowly surveying their surroundings to claim their territory. We had to be extremely careful not to provoke the wild beasts as their behaviour was unpredictable. Safety is the priority, don’t want to be breakfast for the imposing cats. 

Back at Nana’s house I play card and board games with the neighbours kids who I have known for years. The game was somewhat like “Truth or Dare” at least the dare part anyway. One player picks up a card which dares them to attract the attention of one of the wild animals outside. Even though I could have chosen something harmless like a squirrel or duck, of course I chose the lion. 

Dream 2

A group of preteen boys love to explore and travel. Their ambition leads them to opening an adventure guild (the type you find in fantasy anime and games). As they were still minors, the boys were placed under the supervision of two parents; a mother and a father. The boys travel far and wide; challenging themselves to difficult quests along the way. They met all sorts of people during their adventure. 

One time they go off trail to explore the wildlife of the forest. As the forest foliage gets thicker, the boys struggle to stay together while exploring. They eventually ended up in the middle of a bustling and congested city. 

While documenting their adventures, the boys become popular online almost overnight; especially on social media and Youtube. Brands start contacting them about sponsorship and advertising. Agencies and publicists scout them to be influencers or advertise products. One agent tried to flatter them by pitching the line “the young Bere Grills”.

Even though the boy’s parents are intrigued, they themselves were not interested in selling themselves to any agency or brand. They were still young and had so much more they wanted to do with their freedom. They didn’t want to turn their hobby, something they enjoyed into work. 

The End

– Dedicated Dreamer

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