Ice-Cream Brigade

11pm, time for bed. After saying goodnight to my parents and younger sister I was ready to curl up under the duvet.

On the verge of sleep I was woken up by a load familiar jingle. The ringing tune, as if announcing it’s arrival, made it impossible to fall asleep. I leapt from my bed, pulled back the curtains and stared out the 2nd storey window. I wasn’t dreaming, there really was an ice-cream van trailing down the cul de sac.

11:30 at night, who would want ice-cream at this hour?
All four of us now awake watched what was happening from the sitting room. One by one, the neighbouring houses lit up, awoken by the annoying repetitive jingle.

All of a sudden, the doorbell rang. Two chipper women dressed in white overalls introduced themselves as the Ice-Cream Brigade. Stood under the porch in the middle of the night, they asked if we would like some ice-cream.
We were lost for words at the bizarre situation. The two women took our silence and wide-eyed expressions as a Yes! They led us onto the street where other neighbours had gathered.

In the cul de sac, there were six other merry people dressed in white overalls. Normally, I would be suspicious of strange people like the Ice-Cream Brigades. But instead of concern I was more curious about them.
Out of nowhere, I had a craving for ice-cream, and I wasn’t the only one.

Up close, the ice-cream van was AMAZING! It had been remodelled to resemble a fire truck. The Brigaders created a performance of serving ice-cream. The fire truck hose was used to dispense the velvety soft whippy ice-cream. There was even a topping counter with over a dozen topping to choose from.

It wasn’t long before everyone on the street was enjoying a whippy ice-cream cone. Adults and children were entranced; forgetting they were wearing slippers, onsies, pjs and dressing gowns. With everyone served, the Ice-Cream Brigade bid us all farewell.

It truly was a phenomenon. The Ice-Cream Brigade was never seen again.

After finishing the delicious ice-cream I realised the Brigade never charged any of us.

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