Another Dream Compilation


All For A Cup Of Coffee

A small army brigade cross into uncharted lands to find the mythical Treehouse Cafe.
The troops stay close together, shoulder to shoulder, to avoid being spirited away in the thick blinding fog.

However, they aren’t the only ones searching for the legendary cafe. The cafe is rumoured to serve coffee which can heal any wound or illness.

The brigade set off into the land of monsters and mysteries, hoping to get a taste of the miraculous coffee.


A Precious Thing Lost

A young Princess and her husband are in the limelight since the heart breaking news of the Princess’ miscarriage.

One week after the loss and still grieving, the royal couple must address the public. They thanked the citizens for all their support, kind offerings and prayers.

Empty, emotionless words. The heartbroken Princess was not ready for this show.

Her whole life, choices were made for her. Now she couldn’t even have the time to grieve the death of her unborn child.


Mini Me Inside My Head

The daily life of the mini me living inside my head. Some might call her my conscious or subconscious.

A documentary taking a closer look at how mini-me sits at a desk recording and organising the events that take place in my dreams.

She sorts them into categories for easy filing. One of her key roles is deciding which dreams are worth remembering and which need to be forgotten – erased from memory.


Mario Kart on Campus

Every Halloween the Campus becomes party central. The annual Spectacle party event was taking place at our dorm this year.

For the rare students not keen on deafening and claustrophobic crowds, there weren’t many places to take refuge.

I meet up with a few of my friends and we wander around the campus admiring the extravagant decorations and crazy costumes. A lot of events were taking place, including the classic Haunted House.

There was one thing I never expected to see. An indescribably huge go-kart track. Not just any Go-Kart track but a Mario Kart race track.

It was a life-size version of Mario Kart. The course stretched all over the campus.
The night time festive atmosphere just made the experience more exciting.

Halloween might not be so bad after all!