Hundreds of thousands people visit Spellbound every year. However, very few of them experience the real magic of Spellbound.

Kids Chasing Cars

While out on a family drive, a strange boy magically appeared in the car. He travelled through the sealed rear-window and sat down between my sister and I. He introduced himself as Max. Max took out a hand-held device very similar to a smartphone and challenged us to a game. More specifically, a 3 question... Continue Reading →

Ice-Cream Brigade

11pm, time for bed. After saying goodnight to my parents and younger sister I was ready to curl up under the duvet. On the verge of sleep I was woken up by a load familiar jingle. The ringing tune, as if announcing it's arrival, made it impossible to fall asleep. I leapt from my bed,... Continue Reading →

One Giant Step

Mana and her family were at home going about their everyday lives. Watching TV, cooking, doing chores...that sort of thing. Then they hear an eerie screech before a giant metal foot tears through the roof. Half the house had disappeared in an instant. Another few inches and Mana and her family would have been gone... Continue Reading →

Probably the most repetitive words in the modern english language! 😀


A whole bunch of people I didn’t know were staying in my house. They started taking over the place and I couldn’t find a moment of peace. Then suddenly, the dream changed. My mother was testing new beauty products. A sales rep came to our house. So my room was turned into a pop-up beauty... Continue Reading →

A collection of my favourite short stories!

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