Cheer Island


Well this was different. 

So basically, there were 4 cheer squads on a boat, heading to a island retreat. They each had their own mascot (a real living creature). There was a dog, a fish and for some bizarre reason, a goat. I can’t remember the 4th.

The captains of the cheer squads were frenemies. They loved competing against each other. On the island they used every spare moment to challenge each other. They challenged each other to dance routines, volleyball, tag, hide and seek and loads more.


Unfortunately the dream changed at this point but not that much.

Now the captains were much older (like 30s) and wiser. Instead of cheer leaders they were now artists at an annual art exhibition.

This was no ordinary exhibition. Dozens of artists lined up their canvases under a tiki hut on the resort grounds. They had to complete a full canvas painting in a less than 4 hours.

The captains apprentices set up their canvases behind the captains. They must complete a painting using the same theme or style of their captains.

It was really weird. The cheer leader dream was set on a tropical island like the Bahamas. The captains were definitely frenemies! They were all complementing each other. And chatting away while painting in the current dream.

Anyway, each artist had to get a frame custom made that would suit the theme of their painting.

One person forgot all their materials after partying too much on the night before.
What else would you expect to happen on a sun-soaked tropical island? Sit in and watch dvds all day? Eh….no!

So instead of trying to start painting, she brought one of her completed projects. However, it wasn’t a painting…Far from it.
It was a 3D moving lego model. Retelling the story of Wizard of Oz.

Something like this:

wizard-of-oz-road-to-oz-lego-cuusoo-003Image source 


The thing is, it wasn’t the classic tale we are all familiar with. During her journey down the yellow brick road, Dorothy had to overcome a few bizarre challenges.

  • She had to eat 100 cookies in a minute
  • She had to win 3 rounds of the arcade dance game- Dance Dance Revolution

This project was kind of like a lego animation in a frame. Not a digital animation. Ugh! It’s hard to explain! The best way to describe it is lego animatronics on a conveyer belt, telling the story. Like the terrifying Small World. 

This was all inside a frame. Phew!

One girl on the island was a secret artist. She was undercover as a barmaid. She was able to do all those neat tricks and routines that you see bar staff do when they make cocktails and stuff. Juggling ingredients, flipping bottles and all that jazz!

There was also a mixologist competition being held on the island. 

What a strange series of events.
And its not over yet!


I was one of the artist apprentices. I was supposed to be painting a flower but halfway through the painting was looking more like a dark forest. It was really nice, but now I needed a new frame. Since the one I had no longer matched the painting.

What was really strange was, The canvas was already in the frame. Which means I ended up painting on the glass of the frame instead of the canvas. So I had to completely redo the entire painting onto a canvas!!!

So, off I went to the frame maker and explained my dilemma. I was like “OK! Come On! We Can Do This!!!”

“You make the frame and I’ll deal with the painting.”

There was only one hour to spare!


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