Kids Chasing Cars

While out on a family drive, a strange boy magically appeared in the car. He travelled through the sealed rear-window and sat down between my sister and I.

He introduced himself as Max. Max took out a hand-held device very similar to a smartphone and challenged us to a game. More specifically, a 3 question quiz. The game seemed simple enough but the whole situation was utterly baffling.
The questions Max asked were truly random. There was no straight-forward, yes or no answers.

We completed the quiz in a matter of minutes, Max thanked us with a smile as he left the same way he entered, through the unopened rear window.

Apparently, Mom and Dad couldn’t see Max. They thought me and my sister were simply playing together. What was going on?

My sister and I looked out the rear window surprised to see Max riding on the back seat of a quad bike. Several similar quads were whizzing along the motorway. Two people rode on each Quad; The Driver and The Surveyor. While The Drivers skillfully navigated through the traffic and snuck up behind cars, Surveyors like Max jumped through windows as if it was normal.
Watching closely,  it was hard to believe how young they all were, no more than fourteen years old.

When we returned home, my sister and I were confused and amazed at what we saw. It was like a scene from an action movie. I would have believed it was a dream if I was on my own, but my little sister was there too! There was no mention of the crazy occurrence on the news or internet. It was impossible, a bunch of kids riding quad bikes on a motorway would go unnoticed.

After spending the whole day thinking about it, we figured Max and his friends were conducting some sort of strange experimental marketing strategy. Testing ways to carry out surveys where people have no way of escaping. (Something like an outrageous flash mob or survey team).

The next day, after our parents left for work, it was just me and my sister at home. We spent the afternoon watching cartoons  in our pyjamas only to be disturbed by the doorbell ringing. We weren’t expecting anyone so we ignore it. It was probably just a salesman or service provider, they would leave soon enough.

30 seconds later the doorbell chimed again. Whoever they were, they were persistent. I drag myself off the sofa and shuffle down the hallway and peeked through the peephole. I never expected to see Max on our door-step. Wide-eyed and speechless, I slowly opened the door and stared at him. I didn’t know what to say.
Max on the other hand gave a quick wave and smiled ‘Hi!’ while I rubbed my eyes to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

‘Congratulations! You and your sister have been chosen’ he announced energetically.

Just what had we gotten involved with?