Pick, Mix, More

So I just finished a six month internship (in real life) which probably influenced this dream.

In the early evening I was leaving work for the last time. To celebrate a job well done I decided to treat myself to a Pic ‘n’ Mix. However nowadays the old-fashioned/traditional sweet stores are dying out.

Wandering the back streets on my way to the bus stop a miracle happened! I found a sweet shop. I needed to be quick though. The store closed in 20 minutes. The same time my bus was due.

I grab a striped paper bag and rush to fill it with my favourite sweets. Jelly Snakes, Fizzy Cola Bottles, Fried Eggs, Jelly Beans and a few more.

When I left the store I found myself somewhere completely different. The familiar street and path leading to the bus stop had disappeared. Even the GPS on my phone was scrambled.

I turn around to go back into the sweet shop only to find the shutters down. It was closed. 6 o’clock on the dot. With no other choice I wander around the unfamiliar village looking for any kind of sign that would tell me where I was.

Ten minutes later I spot a person coming towards me. Great! I asked the elderly man for directions to the nearest bus or train station.

This is where things get really freaky!

At the train station I waited for the train to arrive. It was due in 4 minutes. The only train to run through the strange village….sped right through the station without stopping.

In the end the only option was to wait for the sweet shop to open again the next day.