Cargo Hold Infiltration

A team of Secret Agents are investigating a case very personal to them.

There were a lot of familiar faces in this dream

The agents travelled all over the world, spending most of their time in New York, Dublin and Austria. They were chasing after the “bad guys” (terrorists).

This dream is mainly set in airports.

The undercover agents were waiting to board their plane. In order to keep their cover from being exposed the spies must blend in with the rest of the economy passengers. This is not a job full of champagne, 5 star hotels and fancy clothes.   

Alva reached into her bag to grab her boarding pass. However she couldn’t find it anywhere. She suddenly realised, she had left it in her suitcase which is now on board the plane.

There was still time left before the plane was due to take off. Alva decided to sneak into the plane’s luggage hold to find her bag and retrieve the boarding pass.

A part of Alva’s cover was that she was blind. This helped her gain sympathy from the baggage handlers who allowed her to enter the luggage hull. However, she had to be accompanied. Alva’s luck runs out when she hears a familiar voice approach behind her. Marla, an important member of the terrorist group Mole. Disguised as a baggage handler Marla offers to escort me into the hull. They had never met before but Alva couldn’t be sure Marla wouldn’t recognise her.

The handlers had only started loading the luggage into the hull, which made it easier for Alva to locate her suitcase. To keep up her cover Alva had to feel her way around the numerous suitcases until she reached her own.

Alva was wearing blacked out sunglasses to keep up her cover. She could still see through them.

While Alva fiddled with the front zip, Marla left her for a moment and wandered to the back of the hull. Alva quickly retrieved her boarding pass all while keeping an eye on Marla.
After leaving the hull Alva was escorted to the departure gate by a member of security. She made it just in time for final boarding.

In the dream the plane was anything but low key. The interior was comparable to a 5 star boutique hotel. I find my seat beside a fellow secret agent (a classmate from secondary school). In the seats around us are about a dozen coronation street stars.
I don’t even watch Coronation Street!

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