Cosy on the couch

It’s such strange thing, watching tv in a dream because I feel like my “dream self” is observing “me” watching tv. This is less of a story and more of a summary.

As winter sets in an Epic rain storm hits Ireland. Roads were flooded, buses and trains weren’t running, schools and businesses were closed. A red warning was in place and the meteorologists warned against travelling and for everyone to stay indoors. which makes it impossible to leave home. It rained for one week straight!

For some reason I’m one of the idiots that goes outside so I can get a bus to Artane to visit my Nanny.  But the buses weren’t running. So I end up walking back home blindly because it’s impossible to see through the heavy rain.
The streets were flooded and the water was almost up to my knees.
Even though it was useless I still held up my umbrella in an effort to shelter myself from the wind and rain.

When I get home, my mam and sister are already up. The place is a mess with boxes of Christmas decorations cluttering up the floor. After having a hot shower, putting on some cosy pajamas and making a hot chocolate, I join my Mam and sister on the couch to watch the first episode of a crime drama we had been looking forward too.

The show was about a rookie detective names Victoria. Following in her father’s footsteps as a police officer, engaged to her high school sweetheart, a paramedic; Victoria’s life was progressing just as she planned.
Until she starts working on a serial killer a case. The killer was a sadist who took time with their victims, treating them like a piece of art exhibited in a museum. All the victims were high value targets from politicians, drug dealers and mafia leaders.

Looking at the evidence, Victoria starts having visions of the crimes being committed.

At the end of the episode, a woman dressed in a seductive black overall coat walks into an underground club where influential characters gathered.

The woman entered one of the back (private) rooms where a group of men sat around a poker table smoking cigars.
They were obviously not expecting her but and thought she was sent to entertain them. But little did they know, they would end up being her play things. The woman opened her coat to reveal an impressive assorted of weapons. The camera panned up finally revealing the woman’s identity; it was Victoria!
Or so we think. The woman says ‘Lets have some fun gentlemen’. And then the episode ends.

Basically Victoria has multiple personalities disorder with her other personality being a twisted and sadistic killer.

Good TV for a stormy dark day!

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