Smart cushion

This can’t really be classified  as a sci-fi dream since it is entirely plausible in the not-to-distant future, if not already. 

The time when technology finally took over the war the world. Things that used to be make believe and thought to be impossible are now real. 

Flying cars, hover crafts, humanoid robots, and the rest. It is probably impossible to find anything that isn’t influenced or controlled by artificial technology. Every digital device and interface is capable of mimicking emotions. AI programmes can get annoyed if their user ignores notifications, they can also get angry if their power source or energy levels run low. AI bots are more common as pets than cats or dogs since they are so easy to care for. With the expansive of technology in the world many habitats have been destroyed and species gone extinct. 

Humans no longer eat vegetables, meat or desserts; instead they consume packets of flavourless nutrients 3 times a day (at scheduled intervals). 

Computer and TV screens are no longer constricted to rectangular shapes. Now they are flexible and fluid. The screens can change alter their shapes and can even wave by folding the edges of the screens. It won’t be much longer before screens are completely replaced by the incoming hologram technology. 

AI personas can instantly move between devices, they are capable of connecting (taking control) of the electrical devices in a human home. AI personas are also capable of recognising people especially its family and their class friends and relatives. 

Even furniture is embedded with technology. Soft furniture like cushions can change temperature, alter shape and design. Living had become effortless, there is literally nothing left for humans to do anymore. Children no longer learn life skills such as cooking, handwriting, driving and such. It is a future where such skills are unnecessary and useless. Humanity is fully reliant on technology. In thus era, there is no way the human race would survive without technology. 

Security, Education, Agriculture, Government agencies are all heavily influenced by AI technology. 

However, all it takes is a single mishap, one erratic piece  of software to turn humanity’s greatest innovation into their greatest enemy. 

After all, artificial intelligence learns rapidly so it is easy to believe a time will come when humans AI technology will surpass and no longer need the intelligence of humans. 

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