So… This was a strange dream!

A whole bunch of people appeared in this dream. Just to name a few, Tom Hanks, The Obama’s, Saoirse Ronan, Rihanna and real life versions of Disney Princesses.
They were present for the most bizarre reason ever, Clay Sculptures!
I can’t even remember how the dream started. I travelled along a road through open green fields and arrived at a grand, pearly white state house, almost as big as the President’s residence.
The grand hall was filled with people. I was one of the lucky young designers lucky enough to take part in the odd charity event.
100 slabs of clay were spread out in the grand hall. One slab per designer, each one as large as a fridge-freezer. The contestants (designers and craftsmen) were given 48 hours to create a masterpiece. However the finished sculpture had to resemble one of the celebrities present.
Here is the really crazy part.
So I was basically winging it.

Over the next few days, celebrities and some influencers were put to work setting up the display stages, arranging dining tables and so on. At the end of the second day, all the clay creations were displayed like museum or gallery pieces for all to see but not touch!
I did pretty well for my first time. I molded and decorated animal figurines, ornate lamps and a life-sized depictions of Disney princesses. Others resemble famous monuments like the Colosseum (lamp).
Tom Hanks was presenting the event. He takes to the stage just in time for a lightning bolt to roar in the sky and scorch the land beneath him. The lightning storm will evolve into a hurricane.


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