A typical frustrating dream.

Man did I have a stressful dream last night!
I dreamt I bought something online, something really stupid that I don’t even need. 

(In the real world) I have been taking baby steps to be more environmentally friendly. I’ve been using natural soap bars, making laundry detergent from soap nuts, eating more home grown foods – especially veggies. But biggest of all, I have stopped shopping online. So this may not have been a scary dream and can’t be called a nightmare either; but it was STRESSFUL AS FUCK!!!!

So what was this stupid, useless thing my dream-self ordered??

I woke up annoyed and wondering why? 
It’s not like I drink coffee that often, nor does anyone in my family.
Of all the things, it just had to be coffee cups! 

Thank god it was only a dream. 

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