Slacker doesn’t want to be a Hero!

At the age of sixteen every citizen of the country is awarded a title, a profession which they would work in for the rest of their lives. Titles were attributed to destiny since in the Country’s long history, no citizen had every received a title not suited to them. Most titles were hereditary and almost predictable.

However, for the first time in history a title was mismatched. A man, a slacker known for spending his days meaninglessly playing games, napping and putting minimal effort into everything, was awarded the title of Hero. It was like a bad joke. The man possessed no talent in martial arts or magic, nor was he brave or courageous in any way.

To honour the Country’s culture, the slacker had no choice but to become the Hero. His lazy days were no more, instead he was forced into a strict training regime to build up his stamina and strength. He had to prove he was worth the title bestowed upon him even if it was his worst nightmare.

After polishing their skills and learning their craft, the sixteen year old citizens will receive a license. A license works to proof the legitimacy of a title, personal identification and a bank account. Only those that receive a license can earn a wage.

So, if the slacker wanted to earn a living he had no choice but to become a licensed hero. He couldn’t think of anything worse – the effort. The ambitiousless slacker felt like he was being punished. He was fed up of constantly being challenged and the endless list of troublesome jobs like taking down a crime syndicate, fight monsters, act as a security guard and so on.

All the slacker wanted was to live a quiet and uneventful life. That was his idea of blissful heaven.

The End

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