Your Everyday Fairytale: Chapter 1

Rewriting one of the first stories I wrote.

Erin is a bright and adventurous fifteen year old girl. She and her best friend Ann live a seemingly relaxed life in a small stone cottage bordering the Elder Forest. However, Erin has lived anything but a happy, normal life. Since the moment she was born, Erin was unloved. Her existence was hidden from the world, not only because she was the King’s illegitimate child but also because her mother was a witch. 

For as long as she can remember Erin had been alone.
She had never met her mother and her father, the King refused to acknowledge her. As a small child Erin never understood why no one liked her. No matter how much she smiled or how well she behaved, all she received were glares of disgust. Why did they look at her as if she was something vile? Why did everybody call her a “filthy creature” or a “cursed child”? Why did no one call her by her name, Erin?

She was no older than five years old when she was isolated to a neglected corner of the palace. She was not allowed to move about freely like her older brothers and sisters. Apart from her bedroom and the servants kitchen where she was given her meals, she was only allowed access to a little overgrown courtyard and a dark and dusty library. She was on her own form then on. Despite being in bad shape, the courtyard and library were Erin’s happy places. She was able to escape the scornful stares and agonisingly loud whispers.  

Despite being neglected and mistreated, Erin was a bright and resilient child. Left on her own, Erin spent most of her time tidying the courtyard and library. She was able to teach herself to read and write. She loved learning and would spend hours in the library reading all types of books; from literature, science, history, mythology and more. Before she was sent to the cottage she had read over one hundred books. 

Although she was alone her entire childhood, Erin never felt lonely. Even though she suffered from nightmares until she was seven years old, even though she was only given leftovers for meals, even though she had to learn to bathe and dress herself and even though her only friends were the birds and critters who visited the courtyard Erin was finally happy. 
Her wounded heart was able to heal over time.  

Erin truly was an extraordinary child. By the age of eleven she had amassed a vast amount of knowledge, much more than any other child her age. It only took three years for her to learn how to read and write, all on her own. After that, Erin spent everyday with her head inside a book. 

It was from one particular book that Erin learned about witches. She had heard the maids in the palace call her that before but she was too young to understand what it mean’t. However she was certain it wasn’t a kind word. After finally finding some peace Erin was conflicted as too wether she wanted to read any further. However she needed to know who she was and why she despised so much.

Reading the book, Erin learned that witches were humans that possessed unique and unexplainable powers. They could harness power from the natural elements, speak to magical beasts and perform all kinds of phenomenons. However it was because they possessed such strange and “devilish” abilities that witches were shunned and feared. It had been that way since the monarchy was founded hundreds of years ago. Witches were portrayed as servants of the devil, evil creatures that brought nothing but misfortune. The royal family were so threatened by the witches abilities that they blamed them for every natural disaster and every disease that the kingdom faced. The uneducated and gullible commoners believed in the words of their king. For centuries, innocent witches were hunted and executed because of the blind belief that witches were evil beings. 

Erin didn’t understand why she was crying, why she felt such heartache after learning about the witches. She didn’t understand why the maids called her a witch when she was a child. She didn’t possess any unique abilities. She hoped to learn something about who she was by reading the book, however she was only left more confused.

It would be a year later, on her twelfth birthday before Erin would awaken and finally understood who she was.

To be continued…