Two halves of a spirit

All spirits are born the same way, a newborn spirit glowed as a small ball of golden light. The spirit was practically a toddler when it was suddenly pulled apart and split in two. The two halves spent decades separated from each other wandering aimlessly desperate to reunite.

In the years the spirit halves were separated, their skills and abilities began to manifest although at a slower pace than a fully formed spirit. The two halves awaken the ability to transform as a natural defense mechanism. To hide their spirit identity, the two halves transformed into the shape of school children. The first half took the form of a female while the second transformed into a boy. Even though they were separated, the two halves were originally one body and soul so it isn’t strange that they would possess the same features as if they were identical twins

During their journey without destination, both halves of the spirit are taken by a human. 
The first spirit half is taken by a young farmer, previously a soldier. He lives secluded, deep in the countryside far away from any civilisation. Although the spirit only possessed half its power, the overwhelming darkness in the young farmer’s heart was easy to see. The hardships of war have left deep scars on the former soldier’s heart. While lost in a city of skyscrapers, the second spirit is discovered by a suspicious and complicated man that lingers in the dark alleys of the busy city. 

The young spirit halves are conscious of their missing half and wish for nothing more than to reunite. However, the humans are far from normal; the devastating amount of malice and despair in their hearts turning them into demons, a spirit’s natural enemy. The humans know the children they took are unordinary, afterall they don’t behave like human children. The spirit halves were not strong enough to escape the malice in their current forms. If the spirit halves did not reunite soon, they would be consumed by the human’s despair, ultimately completing the transformation into a devil. 

It took a year for the two halves to grow and become strong enough to escape the bitterness of the humans. They finally had enough power to feel each other’s presence, it was time to fuse back together. The humans chased after the runaway spirit halves hysterically; they were driven by the despair corrupting their souls. The devil within them drove their relentless pursuit of the spirit halves. 

It’s a race against time as the two spirit halves must fuse together before the lunar eclipse in three days or they would be separated forever. A spirit cannot remain split forever, if the two halves fail to fuse they will eventually fade away and disappear. 

As the lunar eclipse approached, the two spirit halves could feel the presence of one other stronger than ever. The two halves are reunited and return to their original formless glow.

Other details of the dream:

  • A natural phenomenon disturbed the birth of the spirit which led to it splitting in two. 
  • The humans did not encounter the spirit halves by chance. They two being filled with darkness were attracted to the pure positive energy emitted by the spirit halves. The human pursue the spirit halves to the very end in order to complete the demon transformation
  • The spirit halves have the ability telepathy and are able to communicate with each other the closer they are to one another.
  • The two spirit halves have different personalities since they were separated from each other and experienced different things and places.

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