Spirit Hunters

Another fantasy dream, this time set in a modern Japanese style city.

Unbeknown to humans, spirits wander through the city; they have done for centuries. They have watched the city grow to welcome more humans from all over the world. 

Each spirit is unique with their individual personalities and talents. There are those that are mischievous pranksters, others who are responsible and caring and some who are curious and adventurous.

The spirits have watched over the city for centuries; watching the land change from rural to urban, the increased population of humans meant more land was devoured to make way for their dwellings. The bountiful fields and grasslands were erased and replaced by block buildings reaching for the sky. 

The Sacred sites once surrounded by forest and wildlife are now abandoned relics hidden in the shadows of the colourless city. Very few people even remember they exist.

The spirits watch over the Sacred sites as if it was their home. It was at these sites that spirits were born (awaken). Although the land had transformed and time was accompanied by change, the spirits still enjoyed watching over the humans and everything they were capable of.

Since they were invisible to humans, the spirits enjoyed wandering through streets and buildings, fascinated by every little thing. They could never experience the delight of ice-cream but they had watched hundreds of movies for free. The spirits never left the city as it was there home; through good times and bad times. They existed blissfully, invisible to humans. 

However, there exists a society aware of the existence of spirits which they refer to as celestials. It has always been the society’s goal to capture and study spirits. For hundreds of years, members of the society have raided sacred sites all over the world to uncover a way to “see” the celestials. Sacred sites were shrouded and mystery, there are no records in existence that tell how they came to exist. What made the sites really special was the bounty of pure power they contained. Even after two hundred years, the society has yet to harness that power for themselves. 

Although the technology of the modern era changed that; the society had finally developed a device to detect spiritual beings. For the first time, the free and peaceful (cheerful) spirits were forced to hide themselves away from humans. The society landed in the city and immediately searched for Sacred sites; the sites proved much easier to find thanks to their new device. Spirits start to disappear throughout the city after agents from the society trespassed onto the sacred sites.

Among those that vanished were two special spirits, the twin spirits were the youngest and most mischievous of the spirits. They were constantly pulling pranks on other young spirits and sometimes even humans. The elder spirits had a hard time keeping track of them.

Some agents from the society are no longer human. Their monstrous appearances reflect the evil and malice inside them. Very few agents survived transforming into monsters; most of those who took part in the experiment went insane. They were unable to endure the excruciating pain of their bodies breaking to accommodate their new form. Therefore, only a handful of agents that survived the experiments and evolution possess abilities and strength far beyond human capabilities. 

The society hunted the spirits relentlessly, searching high and low, far and wide. They left no stone unturned, they even searched the sewers and unstable underground tunnels which were long abandoned. 

  • The hunters used the sacred site they conquered as a base of operations.
  • The nature of the site made it the perfect place to ambush and contain celestials.

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