A Very Special Spell

In a world filled with wizards and magic there is a school, one of very few remaining, a school of wizardry. The school year is coming to an end and many things are changing; the 4th year students are graduating and new students have been elected to the Student Council. Among them is the newly appointed Student Council President. Even though she is timid in nature, the President wanted to be brave and be worthy of the role entrusted to her. So, for the upcoming graduation ceremony, she wanted to do something special! Not just for the 4th year students but for all the students and faculty at the school. 

As a surprise event, the President decided to use a very unique spell. It is a forgotten spell that is rarely used in the modern era. She couldn’t achieve this alone so the President asked all the teachers for help. For the spell to be successful she would need to gather over 500 empty notebooks, one for each student and faculty member. 

Miraculously, with the help of the teachers and the Student Council, they were able to collect enough notebooks. So, the President revealed her plan to the teachers. By casting a certain spell the notebooks will absorb all the positive thoughts and memories which the students wish to convey to each other but cannot find the right words for. 

The graduation ceremony was held on the last day of the school year. Every student, teacher and faculty member gathered in the auditorium while families watched from the balcony seats and surrounding classrooms. When everyone was seated and the auditorium quiet the graduation ceremony began. 

Teachers gave heartfelt speeches, music was performed by the schools students and the graduating 4th years were given their diplomas. As the ceremony was coming to a close the timid Student Council President stepped on to the stage with tall stacks of leather notebooks wheeled in behind her. This was unexpected, very few people knew the specifics of the President’s planned surprise. With butterflies fluttering in her stomach, the timid President addressed the student body, the teaching staff and the visiting family members. She spoke of how the future was uncertain and unpredictable. In the present however, there was a gift she wanted to bestow upon each student and faculty member. 

The few hundred notebooks stacked behind her each had a name written on the front cover. The Student Council President asked everyone close their eyes and think of the thoughts, memories or emotions they wish to convey to any of the students or faculty members. It could be absolutely anything (as long as it was positive)! Something they regret not saying, a special memory, or any special message they wish to send someone. Only one minute passed in the silent auditorium when the President instructed everyone to repeat the spell she was about to chant.

What happened next was a sight to behold; with everyone chanting the same spell, countless tiny balls of lights (no bigger than a marble) in all colours emanated from every individual in the auditorium. The balls of light flew towards the stage where the notebooks were waiting. The tiny lights organised themselves into groups of single colours before being absorbed into the notebooks, a different colour for each notebook. Each tiny light represented a thought, memory or message that someone wished to convey.

The spell didn’t end there! When all the balls of light were absorbed, the notebooks began to glow and levitate from the orderly stacks on the stage. Everyone watched the scene in awe, they were all used to casting magic but this was something they never experienced before. The hundreds of glowing notebooks flew around the auditorium until they landed in the hands of the person whose name was written on the cover. 

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