Izaac is the youngest son of a respected dragon handler family. Unlike his exceptional siblings Izaac didn’t inherit the natural talents in magic needed to become a dragon handler. Growing up Isaac could feel the pitiful gazes of those that silently judged him. Strangers often whispered ‘How disappointing’ or ‘poor child’. He held his head high, grew a thick skin and learned to ignore the silent judgements.
Izaac loved being outdoors. He spent his days exploring the thick woodland and mountains close to the family estate.

One day high in the mountains, Isaac discovers a dragon. One he had never seen before. He is cautious until he notices how unusually weak the dragon was. Dragons one of  the most powerful magical beasts, now lying on its side breathing slowly.


Without thinking, Izaac dashed over to the mighty beasts side, scanning over her body. His eyes widen  at the sight of a deep crimson flowing from a large open gash on the beast’s belly. It was obvious this dragon had been through a harsh battle….against humans.

Izaac winched as he noticed the ghostly blue eyes staring down at him. He hesitantly rested his hand on the dragon’s forehead as if to comfort the mighty beast. Suddenly, Izaac could feel it, The dragon didn’t have much time left. She will die soon.  Izaac stays with her for the entire day. He didn’t want the dragon to die alone.

In her final moments, the dragon gazed upon Izaac once more. He could feel the pale blue eyes piercing his soul. As she closed her eyes again, something miraculous happened. Izaac felt a surge of power run through him. A golden crest appeared on his hand still resting on the beasts forehead. The crest disappeared as quickly as it appeared.

Wondering what happened, Izaac pulls his hand back.

‘I see you are one of the chosen, boy’, a soft godly voice informed to him. Izaac looked around him but noone was there. Then he noticed, those sharp glassy eyes looking straight at him again.
Izaac placed his hand back on the dragon’s icy forehead. The dying beast relaxed under the warmth of the young boy’s touch. ‘Boy, Can I entrust my greatest treasure to you?’

The dragon slowly raised her wing. Izaac couldn’t believe his eyes. A dragon egg! Unlike any he had ever seen before. This was no ordinary dragon egg, the unique markings and watery aurora lines(patterns) were so majestic.

‘Take care of her…keep her hidden and form a bond, not as a dragon and tamer but as partners. She will be your friend for life.’

Dazed, Izaac struggled to fully comprehend the words spoken to him. But he knew, instinctively the importance of the dragon egg and what was said to him. The dragon nudged the egg towards Izaac, entrusting him with her greatest treasure. Using their conscious connection, the dragon shared her recent memories with Izaac.

Images appear in Izaac’s mind. Imperial knights and magicians pursuing the dragon relentlessly. Instead of protecting such a majestic creature the knights were brutally attacking the dragon to claim the dragon egg.

It wouldn’t be long before they find the dying dragon. Izaac needed to take the egg to prevent the egg falling into the hands of the greedy Imperial knights. At all costs, she wants to avoid her child becoming a prize or weapon.

Using the last of her strength, the dying dragon transfers her remaining power to Izaac, a Chosen One. She wished for him to grow stronger and be a friend to her daughter, Toa.


Izaac takes the egg and bid farewell to the lifeless majestic being before him. He rushed to his secret hiding place, a cave hidden deep within the lush greenery at the base of the mountain. (kinda like Rapunzel’s tower in Disney’s Tangled)

Two days later, the egg started to hatch. A tiny opal dragon emerged from the broken shell. It dawned on Izaac, he was responsible for another life. A pair of familiar icy blue eyes, innocent and full of wonder. Studying the small majestic creature, Izaac smiles, ‘Hello Toa.’


Toa lived in the cave, kept hidden from the rest of the world. Everyday Izaac journeyed up the mountain to visit his best friend. From a young age, Izaac practiced martial arts and focused on building his physical strength. Since he lacked the magical prowess his siblings were gifted with. What used to be a gruelling trek up a steep mountain, was as easy as a walk in the park.

Izaac had a lot of free time so everyday he spent time playing and training and teaching Toa about himself and the world.


A lot changed after the encounter with Toa’s mother six years ago. Izaac inherited a telepathic ability which allowed him to communicate with dragons. He never understood what the dragon meant when she called Izaac a “Chosen One”.

Izaac spent his time honing his new skills alongside Toa. He even learns to ride her. Izaac kept Toa a secret from his family. He knew his father and eldest sister would either hand her over to the Imperial knights or “tame” her.

Coming from an influential Tamer family, Izaac must participate in a Tamer trial. A yearly event where all potential Tamers show off their skills to be recognised by the Imperial Magic Council, Knights and wizard guilds.

Ignorant of how his son has spent his days, Izaac’s father expects him to fail. Telling him to forfeit the trial before he embarrassed himself. Little did he know, this was Izaac’s grand debut, his chance to show what he was made of. He refused to back down.

Having heard of Izaac’s non-existent magical powers, the other participants underestimate him greatly.

Izaac left everyone in awe. He breezed through the trials without using his full power, surpassing all the other competitors. No one even expected him to make it past the first trial. For the final trial, each competitor had to choose a dragon and prove their ability to ride a dragon.

In an attempt to remove Izaac from the Tamer trial, the officials explained they were short on training dragons. They never expected “so many” participants to remain for the final trial.

Izaac chuckled saying ‘it’s fine, I already have a partner who would get jealous if he rode any other dragon’. The officials, participants and spectators were all dumb struck.

Izaac raised two fingers to his lips and whistled. A shadow descends from the sky and the earth rumbles. The entire arena was speechless at the arrival of the beautiful opal dragon standing tall before Izaac. Toa had arrived.


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