Ellie: Chapter 5

Ellie 5

Clarke realises how much Ellie has been on his mind. He wonders why she has become such a huge presence in his life.

Clarke tags along with Ellie when she goes to get art supplies in the city.
Ellie is unusually quiet, gazing blankly at the array of paintings in the art store.
Clarke wonders what she is thinking about. They hardly speak to each other the whole day. Simply because there was nothing to say. For some reason, Clarke was content with this.

On the bus ride home Ellie says she is getting off at the next stop. Clarke notices Ellie is getting off, 2 stops too early. Clarke tells Ellie this is the wrong stop, they still have 2 more to go. However, Ellie lets out a soft sigh and says she is visiting her mother since it’s her birthday.

Clarke doesn’t know what to say.
He says he will go with her. He doesn’t want her to be alone.
While getting ready to get of the bus, Ellie says ‘Don’t worry about me. I will see you around.’
Clarke gets up and follows her off the bus and replies ‘I won’t take no for an answer’. Ellie gently smiles and thanks him.


Clara was a free spirit so she was cremated. Ellie and her grandmother spread her ashes in a hidden garden where Clara and Ellie spent a lot of time together. It was there own secret hide-away. Ellie created a memorial for her mother in the garden instead of a grave. She created a winding stone-tile pathway which led from the entrance to the centre of the garden. There, there was an ornate wooden bench with a small brass plaque which read: Dedicated to an irreplaceable and unforgettable bright light… Clara. 

Ellie takes out all the paint and brushes she just bought. She created a palette of wild and vibrant colours.
Ellie says ‘Hello Mom’ tearfully. She takes a deep breathe and begins waving the paintbrush like a magic wand. Beautiful spiral and floral patterns start to emerge on the ground below them.

Clarke was speechless. Ellie poured her heart out through the delicate dancing brush strokes. Clarke could imagine the type of person Clara was by watching the wild flowers budding on the pavement.

Ellie stops abruptly, stands up and packs away her things. Clarke was about to ask her what was wrong. The words got stuck in his throat when he saw the tears fall from Ellie’s glossy green eyes.
Without much thought, Clarke steps towards Ellie and gently wraps his arms around her. He finally realised how much he cares about her.
He never expected to fall in love with his best friends little sister.


Clarke brings Ellie back to the estate. When they arrive, Ellie thanks him for being with her today. She had her mis-givings about Clarke but decides he is someone she can trust.

When Ellie leaves, Clarke notices Fred (how Clarke and Charles addresses him) heading towards him from the main house. They talk casually for a while before they get to the main topic. Fred wants to know what Clarke’s intentions are. Why has he been spending so much time with Ellie?

In return, Clarke asks Fred why her cares. Fred chooses his words carefully. He explains how Ellie is a delicate subject in the family and her actions could effect their reputation.
Clarke chuckles and then lets out a sarcastic sigh. He tells Fred ‘that is a load of crap’. Fred is a coward and can’t admit he cares about his younger sister (as a brother, nothing else).

Clarke looks Fred in the eyes and declares he really cares about Ellie. He thinks he is falling in love with her.
Fred knew this was coming and instead of supporting his friend he continues to play the part of Frederick Everton, the golden boy.
He tells Clarke that his parents nor the rest of “high society” would acknowledge allow him to be in a relationship with a Ellie.

Clarke smiles and says, ‘Well you know me. I never much cared what society thinks’.


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