Ellie: Chapter 1


Chapter 1 – Introduction

Ellie is a 1st year in a distinguished high school. She is not a conventional member of high society like her father and brother.

Ellie is attending such a school because she was left in the care of her estranged father Charles Everton, after her mother died.

Charles is a stranger to Ellie. He has been absent all her life. This was because she an illegitimate child from his affair with Clara. Ellie was raised by her mother, in a regular loving home.

The difference in social status is one of the main reasons Ellie doesn’t get along with her classmates at the academy. Especially the girls. Unlike the other ignorant socialites and young masters, Ellie has not been trained in “proper” manners. Unfortunately, Ellie had no choice but to attend this academy. It was one of the conditions to living with the Evertons.

You have probably figured it out already but Ellie is not treated as part of the Everton family. She lives alone in a separate part of the Everton estate. 

Charle’s wife, Georgina, resents Ellie. She only serves as a reminder of her husbands infidelity.


Ellie doesn’t get along with her classmates. She is looked down on and teased by the other girls for several reasons:

  • She is attending a reputable academy despite not being a traditional socialite.
  • She lives with one of the most respected and popular students, her brother Frederick
  • Ellie is very talented and clever; she is one of the top students in her year. Her free spirit, creativity and artistic talent are unwelcome traits in this prim and proper environment.

Ellie ignores the constant petty insults. They aren’t worth her time.
She has much more important things to think about.

To Be Continued…

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