Appearance isn’t everything

Wandering the streets of London absentmindedly, I found myself lost in the Back Alleys. The place where unique, weird and wonderful outcasts live.

A long time ago, the city was obsessed with appearances. The ruling minority believed London was the most beautiful city in the world. For that reason, anyone or anything that didn’t fit it’s image were banished to the slums of the city, The Back Alleys.

The Back Alleys were like a portal to another world. So many fantastical and legendary creatures lived there. There were giants, merpeople, fairies, witches and many more.

The dream was a lot like ‘The Greatest Showman’. The residents of the Back Alleys were a lot more interesting than regular humans that lived life on a strict schedule. I’m only a tourist but somehow I end up organising a surprise FLASH MOB PARADE through central London.


Londoners had forgotten about their fantastical neighbours living in the slums, hidden in the dark alleys and abandoned district of the city. So to bring a bit of excitement to the busy city, for one day the fantastical beings left the familiar darkness of the Back Alleys and paraded through the streets. While some of the more aquatic creators dance through the river Themes.

For 15 minutes, London stood still. Residents were in awe of the fairytale beings dancing through the streets. Some were surprised, some amazed and others annoyed. Either way it made them take notice of creatures that lived alongside them, that have been shunned and forgotten for far too long.


Some of the Back Alley residents were happy living away from humans. They were terrified of exposing themselves after centuries of living in the city’s shadows. The Back Alleys were their home and they were safe there. But in the end they all ventured into the limelight of the city together.

Once the parade was over, the creatures quickly dispersed throughout the city and disappeared back to the Alleys. Their faces glowing from giddiness and pride.

This was a day they could look back on and remember how brave they were, and how exhilarating it was parading through the streets of London.


The back alley creatures began to realise; although they held a grudge against humans for shunning them centuries ago, they never made any attempt to improve their relationship or prove appearances weren’t everything. During the centuries they wallowed in the shadows humanity continued to grow and became more accepting of change and the unknown. In fact, they were fascinated by it.

Hopefully now they will begin to step out of the darkness and see the world beyond the Back Alleys.


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