Technology is something humanity cannot live without. It has become an extension of our existence and something we encounter daily wether we like it or not. Humans thirst for knowledge drives the evolution of technology at a speed that is impossible to calculate. As the population grows, more and more natural landscape is swallowed by expanding cities. Technology is defined as the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, advancing medicine, engineering, agriculture and so much more. Technology presents many benefits for humanity at the expense of our planet Earth. 

Even in this era of technology, there is a place devoted to preserving the crafts and skills from long ago. Mediville is a town that has resisted the temptations of modern technology for generations. It is a place unlike any other where manual labour and hard work are appreciated and face-to-face conversations are the norm. Instead of Software Developers, Data Analysts and Civil Engineers; Mediville is inhabited by Craftsmen, Artists, Carpenters, Blacksmiths and other old-fashioned trades. 

Arthur Reddick has lived his entire life in Mediville. Reddick Blacksmiths, famous for their elaborate designs and intricate details have lived in the town for over 400 years.
Growing up, Arthur often snuck into the workshop to watch his father and older siblings work. Seeing them veiled in dirt and sweat, the young boy couldn’t wait to start learning the tricks of the traditional trade. That day came only a few years later, when he was eleven years old Arthur began training with his father. 

After seven years of intense training Arthur was ready to graduate from being an apprentice. But before that day came his parents told him there was one last thing he must do. Well aware of the technological advancements and expanding cities, Arthurs parents like countless other parents in Mediville believed their children should experience life outside the old town and decide where their future lies. 

No one in Mediville was oblivious to how the rest of the world worked, they weren’t cut off from the world, they just chose to live differently. However, every year the cities continue to grow and the sea of grasslands and forests surrounding the old-fashioned town disappear. Arthur knew Mediville was special and could understand his parents feelings, but he was still scared to leave his home and see just how different the technology powered world was. 

Just two short years later, Arthur returned to Mediville much to his families surprise; they thought they would never see him again. When he first entered the city Arthur felt like a kid at a carnival, the bright lights, towering buildings, automatic trains and self-driving cars were like magic. But after a while the novelty wore off revealing the reality of society fuelled on technology. People lived a life of repetition, every hour of everyday was systematically calculated for efficiency. No one ever looked happy or acted spontaneously. Even when standing next to each other humans still interacted more with machines than each other. 
As fascinating as the cities were; for Arthur there was no place like home.

Now twenty years old, Arthur finally became a full-fledged Reddick Blacksmith. 

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