Open House

It was the day of the open house. Reality had started to kick in, soon my childhood home would belong to another family.
At 10am the house was flooded with people. My parents were busy selling the appeal of the house to the house hunters. I ended up as the babysitter, looking after children who were brought along by their parents. Basically, any kid not interested in walking around an unfamiliar house and the load mumbles of the moany visitors, could stay in the “Play Room”. I kept the kids entertained by playing games, watching movies or just leaving them play amongst themselves.
The soundproofed room cancelled out the buzzing conversations emanating from every other room. It was a temporary daycare centre.
At 5pm the day started to die down. The last of the house hunters and their worn-out children were leaving. I ended up speaking with a couple who had taken a real liking to the house. My parents were nowhere to be seen so I decided to indulge the couple. They had some really really complex questions that I didn’t have the answers to.
Typical right! I just had to get stuck with the couple with 1,00 questions. Don’t get me wrong, they were nice people. The wife was really interested in the heating and water system. Since I was clueless, I helped her up to the attic where the water tanks were hiding. She seemed happy with the system. As she was up there, she thoroughly investigated the attic space. She spent more time in the awkward cold attic than the rest of the house.
Eventually my parents were free to talk to them. My Dad was the man to speak to about all the utilities. Finally I could relax. When I went back to the Play Room my friends were waiting for me with popcorn and a movie.
Holding back the tears, I wondered how much longer could I spend with them?
Someday soon that For Sale sign would be replaced with SOLD.