Its nice to have dreams without any drama!

This dream reminded me of the movie, Parent Trap. Even though I have only seen the full movie once, years ago. So, twin girls were separated as babies, each adopted into a family on opposite sides of the world. One twin was raised in a “Big City” in the USA. While the other remained in their birthplace, England (or Ireland).

When they are teenagers, the sisters are reunited through the theatre. The English Twin is a rising West End actress while the American twin is more interested in the engineering side such as sound and lighting.

Not surprisingly, in the beginning they don’t get along and are constantly at odd with each other. While their faces are identical, their personalities were polar opposites. They gradually grow closer as they spend more time together. Their bond as sisters and twins grows stronger each day.

When the stage show comes to an end, it is time for the two sisters to return home. They wished they had more time together; that they could have grown up together. The sisters filled a part of each other they didn’t know was missing. The twins only found each other and now they would be separated once again.

To prevent themselves feeling lonely, the sisters exchange something with each other. What did they swap? Their dogs!

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