father’s farm

farm, short story, cover art

After working in the capital city for over two decades, Chris made a name for himself as an event organiser. During his career he got to work with famous faces, charities, international brands and multi-million corporations. He was responsible for events such as; film festivals, red carpet events, award ceremonies, exhibitions and hundreds more. It was a demanding job but Chris loved it!

When he was eighteen years old, Chris left his home in the countryside, the farm he grew up on to make a life in the big city. As the only child of a farming family, he was put to work at a young age; herding cattle, plowing fields, everyday preparing the same routine. It was never a question wether Chris would inherit the farm or not. It was a decision made the day he was born. 

Chris always felt guilty for betraying his father’s expectations. With no siblings, Chris was the only one who could inherit the family farm. So when he left, he threw his father’s life into disarray. (As a young man, Chris did what he believed was best for himself. )

Chris had hardly seen his father in the last twenty years. He thought about him many times; when he organised the plow festival, on his wedding day and when his daughter was born. He sent his father an invitation to the wedding but his father never showed. Both father and son were as stubborn as each other.
But as he watched the coffin being lowered into the freshly dug grave, Chris wished he had reached out to his father more. Over the years, he always believed he would have a chance to reconcile with his father – but now it was too late. Never in a million years would he have expected to introduce his wife and daughter to a dead man, at his funeral. 

Part 2

Walking into his childhood home was like stepping back in time. Nothing had changed; the outdated wallpaper, creaky floorboards and ring-stained kitchen table. It was much smaller than he remembered, the overwhelming nostalgia brings Chris to tears. How could he have forgotten all the happy memories that lived in the little cottage? 

A few days later with all the cattle, machinery and equipment sold and rehired there was only one thing left to take care of; the land. Chris knew he couldn’t sell the land, it had been passed down for generations and was his father’s pride and joy. Chris had long forgotten how to run a farm and he had a life in the city with his wife and daughter with another child on the way. 
Knowing his father lived his entire life on the family farm, Chris wanted to respect his father’s life and legacy. 

In the end, Chris decided to rent the land to the local farmers, his father’s life long friends. He rented out all the fields but one; the smallest field beside the cottage where he always played as a child. 

Chris’ biggest regret is losing the chance to show his father the man he had become; to tell him about his job, how he met his wife and introduce him to his granddaughter. In an effort to make amends, Chris uses his years of experience to organise an annual event for the local community. 

From then on…

The annual country funfair took place in the first week of July. Chris used his extensive list of contacts to get planning permission, insurance, as well as entertainment, games and so on. 

The fair was created for the local, hardworking agricultural families who rarely have a day off. There was everything from carousels, bouncy castles, go-kart races, game stalls, even a food and craft market. 

Chris hoped his father would approve of the funfair, since this was the life Chris chose for himself and he would’t change it for the world.

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