Ellie: Exhibit

Ellie 3_4

When Ellie arrives at the estate she bumps into Clarke, Fredericks close friend.
Clarke was unlike the other socialites Ellie had encountered so far. He was much more relaxed and open-minded.  He doesn’t seem to have much interest in following the customs of high-society.

Surprised to see him, Ellie accidentally drops the paper bag she was holding and the contents spill all over the sidewalk. Clarke bends down to offer assistance. However, a panicked Ellie turns him down, quickly throwing the items back into the bag and rushed into the house.

Just as he is about to leave, Clarke notices a small sheet of paper at his feet. He picks it up and realises it is a flyer for an art exhibit. Intrigued, Clarke takes a photo of the flyer with his phone. He puts the flyer back where he found it.

Back in her room, Ellie notices the flyer Spencer gave her is missing. She rushes back to the front gate in hopes of finding it. She is relieved to find caught in a small bush along the sidewalk.

On the night of the exhibition, Spencer picks her up several streets away from the estate to avoid being discovered by watchful eyes.

At the gallery Ellie is introduced to some of Clara’s old friends and rivals. They all comment on how much she looks like her mother. They tell Ellie stories of Clara’s college days and how she never shied away from a challenge, even if she had no chance of winning.

The crowd began to grow about an hour later. There were a lot more people than Ellie was used to seeing. It looked like several reporters had come as well. Ellie couldn’t help but smile thinking, this shows how much her mother was loved and respected.

The door chimes just as the exhibition is about to start. Ellie looks up, surprised to see Clarke standing in the doorway.



Clarke is intrigued by Ellie. He starts visiting the gallery and the Everton estate more frequently.

When he visits the estate, he asks Frederick about Ellie. Frederick is surprised at the sudden. At the academy, he notices Clarke gazing and waving at Ellie, trying to strike-up a conversation.
Frederick wonders what Clarke’s intentions are, especially considering his usual behaviour.

Frederick doesn’t know how to interact with Ellie. He wants to get to know her  more (he is her brother after all)  but is conflicted because of how his family treats Ellie. He is jealous of Clarke’s out-going personality and how he can approach Ellie so easily.

Frederick doesn’t want o go against his mother. Reputation and social standing mean a great deal to her. Ever since he was a child, Frederick was groomed to be “the perfect son” in his mother’s eyes.

He never knew enough of the world outside estate houses, private schools and social gatherings to be curious or rebellious.


Chapter 4

Charles secretly wishes for a relationship with his daughter. He didn’t get to see Ellie grow up and wishes he could be a better father to her.
Charles is aware that Ellie sneaks away from the estate some nights. He also knows where she goes. Charles decides to pay Spencer a visit.

At the gallery, Charles is overwhelmed when he sees Ellies paintings on display. ‘She truly is Clara’s daughter’, he mutters.

Charles thanks Spencer for looking after Ellie and being the father he failed to be.

To Be Continued…

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