Scrapyard Rally Race


In an old scrapyard on the outskirts of Capital city, 12 people have gathered to take part in the event of a lifetime.

Simon was struggling to cope with the death of his younger brother Toby.
At 21 years old, Toby was cheeky, boisterous and ridiculously easy to get along with. He was always surrounded by people. People were naturally drawn to him.
Simon wondered how could someone so full of life die so young.

It wasn’t Toby’s death Simon couldn’t deal with, rather the weeks leading up to it. His younger brother had become a shell of his former self. Toby spent the last six months of his life fighting a losing battle against the disease inside him. He rarely saw Toby laugh or smile during that time.
Simon couldn’t forget the last thing his brother said to him.
Toby regretted wasting the precious time he had left. Instead of spending everyday staring at the same four blank walls, being poked and prodded by doctors and awaiting death; he wished he could have taken on the world. He wanted to do what every dying person would. Go skydiving, get a tattoo, that sort of thing.
Even though Toby was gone, his regrets still remained. Simon wondered what he could do for his brother. One thing he knew for certain, Toby wouldn’t want anyone to die with regrets like he did.
Simon may not have been able to do anything for his younger brother; but he could help others avoid the same fate.
There were more than enough support charities and organisations dedicated to “helping patients die in peace. Simon wanted to give the terminally ill the opportunity to feel alive again. If only for a moment.


Three years later he finally achieved his goal.
Midnight, in a scrapyard far away from the blinding lights of Capital city, twelve strangers gathered to participate in the event of a lifetime. 6 men and 6 women, each with their days numbered – wanted to experience something thrilling and exhilarating before they lose to the demons possessing them, an incurable disease.
With everyone present, Simon greeted the competitors by introducing himself and welcoming them to the:

The only rules of the game were; the race ends at sunrise and all mobile devices needed to be turned off and handed over for safekeeping.
The twelve participants were split into 4 groups of 3. Each team had to use wits and teamwork to survive the intensely dangerous game.
They had to outrun, out-smart their opponents while avoiding traps and obstacles set up around the scrapyard.
Each team got a salvaged vehicle which were repaired and modified for a rally race. A double-decker bus, a fire truck, a Land Rover and a VW campervan.
At the starting line, each team prepared to race through the maze of towering scrap cars, abandoned building materials and old rusty household appliances.



What happens next?

  • Two teams run into each other on the course and end up having a round of bumper cars.
  • Meanwhile another team takes the lead.
  • Which team will cross the finish line first?
  • The ultimate prize for the winning team is a Pick ‘n’ Mix hamper and a giant (20cm diameter) lollipop. Each team member gets a hamper.

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