A whole bunch of people I didn’t know were staying in my house. They started taking over the place and I couldn’t find a moment of peace.

Then suddenly, the dream changed.

My mother was testing new beauty products. A sales rep came to our house. So my room was turned into a pop-up beauty salon.

At some point the sales rep and her daughter started selling birthday arts & crafts, like face-painting and paper crafts. Basically, there was something happening in every room of the house. There were even four teenagers living in the attic. I kept trying to get them down from the attic; but you know what teenagers are like. They never listen.

I finally get a moment to myself, working in the spacious office. It was a really relaxing room with the open plan design and exposed ceiling, revealing the ever changing sky scenery.

But then my sister and her friends arrive home adding to the chaos! They come into the office and start chatting about the panoramic roof.

Can’t a girl get a moment of peace?



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