bound by or as if by a spell; enchanted, entranced or fascinated

Spellbound is an amusement park loved by adults and children alike. It is a place of wonder and magic with something for everyone. From rollercoasters, magic shows, games and loads more.

Hundreds of thousands people visit Spellbound every year. However, very few of them experience the real magic of Spellbound.

One of the oldest and most loved features of the park is the tram. The steam engine tram travels all around Spellbound bringing visitors to and from The Arcade, Fantasyland, Adventure World and The Enchanted Forest.
However, the tram is more than a means of tramsport.

Everyday after closing, Spellbound comes to life. The magical land is truely spellbinding.

By day, the old steam-engine tram circles around the park carrying visitors of all ages. At night, it reveals its magnificent true identity.
Now sparkling bright white, the passenger carriages have transformed into colourful and lively little worlds. The first carriage was a real life Candyland with mountains made of muffins, cotton candy clouds that rain sprikles. The second carriage dawned in red, gold and blue was unmistakeably a Carnival. It was a musical world of crazy costumes, performers, games and even a merry-go-round.

The other four carriages transformed into a giant Bounce House, FunFair Village with games like Whack-A-Mole, Playmaze with slides and ball pit and finally a Treasure Hunt.

Only a handful of visitors are lucky enough to ride the magic train. Each day, six individuals of all ages are handed a golden envelope inviting them to an experience they would never forget.

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