Ellie: A 5 part story

ellie chapters - wide

This dream is almost like a short drama series. It was one of the most vivid and played out dream I have ever had.

For that reason I will start by introducing the characters.

Character List

Ellie is the main character.

  • She is a 1st year in a distinguished upper-class high school academy.
  • A year ago, her mother died and she was taken in by her estranged father.
  • She is an illegitimate child.
  • Her father (Charles) had an affair with her mother Clara.


Frederick (Fred) Everton:

  • Ellie’s older brother and Charle’s son
  • 2 years older than Ellie
  • 3rd year in high school
  • Very popular and respected in school.
  • [ NOTE: Using American/ Japanese school system as reference ]
  • Fred doesn’t acknowledge Ellie since his mother resents her.
  • However, he is curious about his little sister.



  • Owner of a small art gallery
  • A close friend of Clara’s
  • Unrequited love for Clara
  • Father/ Uncle figure to Ellie
  • Doesn’t like Ellie living with the Everton’s, though never reveals this to Ellie
  • Wishes he could adopt Ellie so she wouldn’t have to live with people who resent her.



  • Ellie’e mother
  • Died young from an illness
  • A bright and energetic artist who expressed everything on a canvas.
  • Spencer was her best friend and she wished she could have fallen in love with him.
  • Never able to forget her relationship with Charlie (Charles)


Charles Everton:

  • Father to Ellie and Fredrick
  • Heir to the Everton Enterprise



  • Fred’s close friend
  • Relaxed, open-minded and friendly (unlike most characters in this high society world)


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