The Power of Loss

This dream reminds me of the movie, Cheaper By The Dozen.

Seven children have just had their world turned upside-down.
They just lost their mother and are struggling to cope without her. Their father buries himself in work to cope with the loss of his wife. He works long hours and only returns home late at night.

There is no-one looking after the children, making sure they get to school or that they are eating properly. The happy home full of warmth has all but died with their mother.


The older children beg their father to take some time off work. They need to work together as a family if they want to get through this. The father looks at his children desperate for affection. They need a parent right now, they need their father.

However, he has no idea what he can do for them. He works long hours to lessen the pain of returning to a home without his wife, his best friend.
He can’t do it. But he can’t leave his children alone anymore.

He decides to hire 2 nannies (Au pairs) to take care of the children. One would look after the 3 teenagers. The other would care for the 4 younger children.

There seems to be some controversy over how the mother died. Neighbours whisper and gossip about the family’s “situation”.

Some of the neighbourhood kids start picking on the younger siblings.
And it only gets worse.
They keep getting prank callers and knocks on the door but nobody there.
Some kids start throwing things at their house. Stones, eggs and even scrunched up newspaper pages. The page with their mothers obituary.

Fed up with the constant harassment, the younger siblings take action.


They using their overactive imaginations to booby-trap the front garden and entrance. The 4 youngsters set up traps all over the front of the house. Simple things like rope snare traps (the one that catches your feet and hangs you upside down from a tree or something similar) or a bucket of sticky slime, stuff like that.

Unfortunately, the youngsters forgot to tell their older siblings and the nannies about their traps. So when they try to leave the house, they all get caught in the traps.

After hearing the youngsters explain, Instead of being mad or upset, the teenagers simply laugh. The nannies and youngsters join in on the laughter. This is what they needed.

Laughter and fun, the first step on the road to recovery.

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