There is a repetitive theme in my dreams. Once again, I’m the commoner surrounded by spoilt rich kids who all think they are better than me because they are pedigrees.

So, to prove myself, I decide to make flapjacks using my personal recipe (which I’m not giving away). I was supposed to be working in a team of 3 but the other 2 chickened out. Too afraid of going against the Pedigrees.

But I didn’t give up! I went on alone and hijacked an important event to show off my creations. For some reason they weren’t flapjacks in the end. Instead they were really professional looking slices of traybake cakes (like you see in a patisserie).


Take 2: Chocolate Porridge Lake?

As the title suggests, this was an even crazier baking dream.

I can’t remember much but…It had something to do with me throwing a load of ingredients into a lake. Stuff like rolled oats, chocolate chips, flour and sugar. Then I created a HUGE icing bag which dripped chocolate fudge icing into the lake periodically (like an IV drip) turning the lake into a sort-of oatie chocolate porridge.

The icing bag was hung over the middle of the lake, don’t ask me how. Maybe using a crane? It’s a dream, it doesn’t have to make sense!

Then, people started jumping into the lake and started “eating” the water. Once they were done, they could come over (wherever I am) and have a piece of proper cake.

And so, that is how I made my big debut!


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